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Welcome to 2013: Shameful scenes of booze-fuelled New Year's chaos in cities across Britain
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Pink Floyd, good Food and maybe ONE glas Wine ... sounds like Plan for today! Thanks +Clark Graham! :)
Yh wales im a welshy go wales . Welsh people always have a good time x
Im 11 i dont even drink but i do not aprove alcohol be welsh people always have to best of time when partying wohi

I might get slightly tipsy, say, once or twice a year. I apologise for misunderstanding you +Clark Graham .
They are called women..nothing but tarts..This is what Marxism has done to the country.
How about not drinking or smoking? And still managing to have a good time.

It's not about "banning" - it's simply a lack of sophistication in British society, English people love to drink, it's how they choose to enjoy themselves.

A shift in culture to be more like Europeans would be good, but I can't see any practical way of making that happen.
I smoke and drink and don't come home at all;) Everything in moderation. There's always going to be those that make the night. Happy New Year.
+Paulie M I'd rather drink and smoke myself into an early grave than become "more like Europeans"  and for the record i don't drink or smoke.
I am ashamed of this. It makes me embarrassed to say I am British
Idk, is it a good thing to talk about your people like that "revellers" ?!, it's their own life those "revellers" if you are against their actions in the end they are British people who have their way of celebrating, I'm against to be drunk, but I don't judge others life, every society has some crazy people with negatives but the great society which knows how to face that & how to change it !!!
+Amrit Singh I would love & be proud to become British without any shame, the real shame is on those who are denying their loyalty to their country because of some negatives in it, if you can't face your negatives & trying with respect to your people to change these negatives so you don't deserve this country, if you don't like it leave it :)
+HAWK KERO leaving my country would be abit extreme. But it makes me sick to see people can't self control. Among other things.
+HAWK KERO also forgot to say be proud of the country are from not another country you wish to be apart of. 
+Chris Allen - What part of the European lifestyle would you prefer not to have?  They drink responsibly, dine on fine foods, they tend to socialise in Cafes instead of Pubs and generally behave in a much more sophisticated and classy manner becoming of well educated people.
+Amrit Singh okay then try to change them, try to change those negatives in your country it will be more helpful than to say you're ashamed to be British, let me tell you that your country has negatives that can be changed, but mine is the negative it self
+Amrit Singh I always love & respect Great Britain, and the British people, my respect & love to this country what make me talk
Ignore them, report on the millions who are decent people not the sluts and morons
An absolute disgusting sight, they should be ashamed.
+Amrit Singh yeah from outside but believe me it's totally different from inside, they are not Pharaohs any more :)
Did I read a headline with "anarchy" in it, this is why I came to the +Daily Mail stream just for a laugh at their attempt to create outrage from something that happens every weekend absolutely pathetic you should be ashamed! 
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