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Benefits rising twice as fast as salaries: Payments to unemployed jump by 20 % in five years -

Is it right that benefits have risen faster than salaries? Join our debate:
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What a stupid fucking article. What does the DM expect to happen when you have Tories in control? They don't care about unemployment. They don't care about the economy. They're asset stripping the nation, selling off anything that's profitable and leaving the rest of us with a hollow shell. It's only going to increase as we continue to stagnate economically. 
it's not like the Tory's have done it  The country derves this for voting in the cons.
To be fair - not one of us voted for the government that's been foisted upon us. What did you think the tories were going to do?? Though the extent of the eugenics programme they've brought in is shocking in the extreme, even for someone as opposed to the tories as I am. They don't even bother to hide their contempt, when even a senior MP such as IDS lies about where he studied and the examinations he's gained but nobody bats an eyelid and instead lets him loose to throw the disabled on to the street to die.....this country has ALL their priorities wrong!
IDS should be locked inside a burning car for all the vile filth he spews about benefits and welfare.
He's a Tory and that's what they do. They always do it and always will. Nick Clegg on the other hand should burn in hell for selling his soul for a position. The majority of this country voted for a more liberal or socialist government.
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