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Roman Abramovich sacks Roberto Di Matteo - but did he deserve more time as Chelsea boss? Join our debate:
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I think the players needed 2 do better there the men who the ball.
not sure about dumbass russian twat (being a dumbass is not exclusive to russians)...but totally agree he's a CUNT - even Abramovich will probably describe himself as a CUNT (if he's being honest with himself)
There can't be all that many managers left he hasn't sacked. Harry Redknapp for instance.
So third in the premier league just of the back of winning the champions league for the first time in chelseas history and a few short months later your sacked.

Abramovich typifies the average Russian oligarch who acquired their business acumen in the soviet days of black markets and corrupt state officials. They do fine as long as the oil and gas keeps flowing.
Bit harsh on Benitez leaving Liverpool in ruins. His tenure as boss of Liverpool looks pretty good compared to the last few years
It's Di Matteo's fault for not winning every single game.

Seriously though, Abramovic needs to get his act together. Playing Europa League football is embarrassing but not as embarrassing as being the laughing stock of the Premier League.
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