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We throw away HALF of our food: Cheap deals and confusing sell-by dates mean families waste £480 a year on groceries they never eat -

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We don ,first lesson taught by my father not to throw food and respect it ,what I saw in Europe is that people stock food as if world is gonna end tomorrow and throw and not share . We should remember tht all people of world has right on the food we eat . Its only that we are born in PRIVILEGED  PARTS OF THE WORLD  doesn't mean that we deserve it .
I only buy more when the fridge and cupboard are empty, tea bags I use twice before throwing out.
approx. 1% of my food I bought never get eaten.. and though it's just 1% or less -- even that amount makes me really angry and mad 'bout myself. So I gotta say "Shame on me!" ... but I believe I'm making progress.
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