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Mothers are paying up to four times the recommended price for formula milk after two popular brands sold out in shops last month.
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What's wrong with these woman? Breast feed and stop these people profiteering.
Honestly I really don't understand women now. There is uproar because they want to put the added health benefits of breastfeeding that formula can't provide on tubs. Apparently that wrong, and yet it's ok for society to preach how commendable but hard breastfeeding is?
Its the easiest thing in the world to do (when there aren't complications). How awful and desperate those mothers must have felt to realise they needed to outbid other mothers to feed their babies? 
Omg reading the comments in the a link show just how uneducated some people are :-\

Even the breast milk of a mother living on junk food will be better than formula. The body only uses key ingredients from food to make milk of the same consistency. It filters out almost everything else. Hence why (although it's not perfect) women with hiv are still recommended by health professionals to still breastfeed in 3rd world countries rather than use the available water to make forumla. Between the two risks breast milk was still safest because of that natural filtration.
Of course the modern world doesn't have to worry about that but saying 'oh it's not best because some women don't have perfect diets' is silly. 
I guess if they are already on formula and mum has dried up... then it is a problem... 
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