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maybe he will who knows who the Queen will pick when time comes 
who gives a shit, swapping one parasite for another
Daily Mail once again proving it does not know how a monarchy works.
If Charles dies before his mother then (according to the college of heralds) Andrew is the next in line not William. Although the Queen may want her grandson to succeed her to the throne, she doesn't get to choose unless (maybe) she resigns. Even then the next in line probably gets the job.
how do that work if the unborn is 3rd in line is it not charles william harry and if charles dont want its william 
Do us all a favour Charlie
When the queen dies, so should the pointless anachronism which is the monarchy.

+Marilyn Ryan, It's all birth order and timing.

Charles is in line to the throne because he is the eldest living son. As long as his mother is alive he can not become king unless she abticates. If he dies before his mother or says he does not want to be king (before she dies) then the next eldest living son of the queen is Andrew. His daughters Beatrix or Euginie would succeed him.

If he abdicates or dies AFTER his mother dies then William becomes king. So we have to have king Charles III BEFORE we can have king William II. The unborn child is merely one possible successor.

If William dies before taking the throne but after his grandmother and before his father than Harry is the successor not the unborn child.

In any event I can't imagine Charles or Andrew not wanting to be king. The only one I can possibly see not wanting the throne is Edward (the third son of the queen).

So anyone hoping for king William II had better drink a toast to the health of prince Charles.
cool i thought it was but so unreal so will comila be queen or consort and as a devoced prince he will be like henry 8 have loads no matter william will do what charly do for his mum but her mum lived a long time so may she 
+Marilyn Ryan, this is of course if Charles doesn't resign or die before his mother. It amounts to the same thing in terms of royal succession. I don't wish ill for the family so I hope they all "live long and prosper" (but not at the expense of the rest of us).

As you suggest, Henry VIII set the precident on divorce. In terms of a modern family, the situation Charles finds himself in is not unique.
the new royals pay for them selves its only the queen who gets money from privi purse but she pays tax and the people own all the royal homes so we pay for upkeep charly has his own money but i would rather have a queen than a camron or red edd as head of our country 
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