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A tall order! Meat lovers are challenged to finish 7,000-calorie 1ft tall burger in just 20 minutes (but it's for a good cause) -
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I hope the good cause is for heart disease
I`d like to know the horse/beef ratio before I start on this....looks yummy though
Yes, someone needs to destroy the evidence!!!
Let me guess... Is it a promotion to stamp out hunger? I am sure the starving children appreciate the rich people (in their eyes) performing heroic acts of gluttony to send them their 88 cents worth of gruel.
Ohh my,,, if I eat that taller meat, maybe I cannot eat for 2 days,, really,,
I had the best Americian grilled cheese, cheese bread, apple chunks with sauce and a really nice cheese toasted to perfection.
How about some pork tender lion with some havarte sundried tomato cheese and a nice whole grain bread. That one tastes good to just for the meat lover?
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