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he didnt help the disabled or say on the bedroom tax that will make millions of homeless people i got to pay it out of my disabilty DLA if i get it next year oops i use a finger so maybe not 
bloody hell yea gov. its easy to hammer the poor .. gas and electric have gone up by 10 quid a week yet the benifit money gets slashed .. thanks to you polititians we wont be having a christmas at all ..we cant afford to heat and eat .. but i bet you mps will feast and booze and give each other gifts .. well i hope you have a great xmas because i will be worrying how to keep my family warm and feed them ...  benifits are not a charity i worked from a young age and paid my contribution every week... so if i got ill i could claim its not a hand out im just claiming back what i paid in for this sort of situation .. so stop slashing our money never slashed our insurance when i was working it kept increasing so why not increase out benifi money at least i can feed my kids everyday im not asking to live in luxary i just want to survive and eat one meal a day and be warm in winter .. why is that asking to much ?
i worked till i ended up in a wheelchair but farming did not earn enought to pay tax in the 70/80s so wont have a pension i should have got that next year with the extra help pensioners get but got to wait four more years but charged for extra bedroom in a disabled warden controled bunglow because i am not a oldaged person i am disabled and all disabled propertys are 2 beds so married or single we have to pay £16 per week to the goverment for so called spairroom 
and christmass is no go in this house we make do with our stews i hate christmass 
+Marilyn Ryan it sucks they hammering the disabled my youngest son has been disabled since birth with celebral palsy he will have it for life its not curable yet on his 16th birthday they declared him cured and took away the little bit of money he got now he cannot go to collage ... i had a medical a few months ago to say im not fit to work ... jobseekers say im too ill to sign yet im not ill enough to claim support allowance so im stuck the medical is done on a point system they awarded me ZERO points yet since then i have undergone many tests and surgerys yet the gov. says im fit .. yea right ...this gov. is setting tax payers against the poor .. yes theres loads claiming that shouldnt ... but most of us are legitimatly in need ... yes we could work if by miricle someone would employ us but we know there are so many fit people out there seeking work that the disabled dont stand a chance ... so dont cut our money because noone likes paying tax ... the benifit system is a good one its just run so damm badly.. aim at the drunks and drug takers not the ligitimate disabled or sick
He's cutting benefits, tax relief on pensions but "Fewer people will pay top rates of income tax than previously, thanks to an announcement that the threshold for the 40 per cent rate will rise over the next few years."
You're fucking kidding me right? For those who voted tory - what does it take to make you realise you dumb shmucks - they're not on YOUR side, never have been, never will.
yep i know got a young man next door CP looks after him self just has a cleaner he will have to pay it as well but pensioners who live in 3 bed council homes wont all wrong even the rich pension get tax credits and the 300 pound for heating plus the 25 us poor get if the temp goes - for 7 days thats why they bog off to spain for the winter and still get the winter payments 
we WONT even get our TEN POUND christmas bonus wow yipeee what can you buy for 10 quid  ... nothing because we arnt oap's or have young kids we dont get anything .. what dont normal familys deserve to have a christmas? we dont drink we dont do drugs we dont have any luxarys we cant run a car so dont go anywhere .. we dont have a life on benifits we survive each week from payment to payment and most weeks the two days before we get paid we run out of food and electric .. yea its a great life unemployed of course we are scroungers to lazy to work .. pfttt no i am just long term ill
if your on income suport you will get the ten pounds i had it today but its been the same amount since 1994 ish never gone up winter payment went up from 15 to 25 last year i havent got kids and who is going to give a job to a 59 year old in a leci wheelchair 
i had a wheelchair but i could stand being looked down on .. so i learnt to walk again and now im punished by the welfare system for it ... we do have a good system its just being messed up
Would you people please explain to me where the money to pay for benefit increases will come from? The country has been living well above its means for years we borrow a billion pounds every 3 days the simple truth is we have to start spending less where does the money come from?
so you saying that the tax the goverment gets from companys vat working ppl should not pay to help the disabled old young or anyone who lost there job this country used to be the best in the world but now we dont make anything we import it from china india ect we pay billions to EU india pakistan asia our money feeds the world and the wars but some people think there should not be welfaire paid to anyone but come april with the cap and bedroom tax there will be more people homeless and using food banks than in any other EU country 
ermmm +Ryan Barlow   how about from all the tax and national insurance i paid in out of my wages every week when i did work all them years !!!!!! if you got ill and couldnt work again wouldnt you exspect to claim back what youve paid each week wasnt that the idea of paying a third of our wages .. so you are saying you begrudge paying a percent of your tax to disabled people ? should we just starve or maybe you just want us to curl up and die because we go ill ? its not charity we worked damm hard for this entitlement when we could work .. where is the money coming from how about claiming back criminals earnings and propertys to help with the deficit ? let their ill gotten gains help pay them in need ? maybe these big companys that dont pay any tax due to loopholes maybe they should be taken to account.... it would soon be found if mps and the rich had to live on benifit income
well farmers do 365 days and from dawn into the night growing food for the uk but people want to take the farm land and build houses so soon all our milk meat and veg will come from france and poland and all the sick and disabled drugi and drunks in the work house back to the old days no job no money no food nice place to live for the ETON BOYS ask your grans if disabled people were around when she was young no they were locked away 
No I never said that we shouldn't help people who lost their jobs please point out to me where I did. All I am asking is where we will this money come from?
it comes from tax all who pay tax and ni pays to wards the DWP for the benifits of those who need it 
You still have not answered the question I know where the money comes from to pay current benefits. What I am asking is where will the money come from to increase benefits that you are in favour of come from?
maybe we should tax these companys that make billions of profit each year . if profit is paid back to the work force fine but if the profits go into the shareholders pockets maybe a % of there large profit can help .. we hear about all these large companys not paying a penny in tax .
ermm i did answer it .. gave two suggestions im sure i could find more
when we stop paying money to india and the EU and paying all this money to feed the wars in asia and congo would help i get £8,0060p a year that is every ben i get yes a job would help but at 59 and in a wheelchair i cant see that happing soon 
how about dropping mp,s income by a few % .. how about not helping greece charity starts at home dosnt it ? how about  bank charges can stay but a % has to go back to the people in need come on it can be found if the gov wanted to but the poor are an easy target
they pay tax but not in uk but in the country there head office is thats why most call centers are in india big firms get round our tax laws its called ETON BOYS RULE 
So we should increase benefits for the poor in this country who seem to define poor as being able to afford an internet connection by taking it away from countries whose definition of rich is to be able to afford an internet connection. What makes your need greater?
Love the comment about charity starting at home as it undermines your whole arguement if charity starts at home as you say why
should I or anyone else pay any tax what so ever to help anyone in this country?.
oh here we go .... i tried to cancel my broadband tv and phone package but when you join you sign a years contract and to break it means i have to pay the rest of the year anyway so dont go there ryan .. i have to have a phone because i have a disabled son .. and its cheaper to get the full package than just to have a phone OK . so dont make judgements like that when you dont know a thing .. we dont live in a 3rd world country we live in a rich developed country so why shouldnt i ask for a slightly higher standard of living i dont want loads i just want a rise like every other worker gets anually as the cost of living goes up ... 10 pounds a week extra would be like hitting the lottery to me
i give up my partner pays for internet and mobile phones out of his care allowence and under shelterd housing i have a reduced tv lic too but i do not and never have had £26 grand in welfair or a free car my mobilty car takes all my mobilty money i would not have to have a car if i could use a bus but to many large prams on them i use my car to go to hospital where i have to pay upto ten pounds to park so you think people on this money are so rich great i would a MP to try it for a month on a disabled couples money no kids dont drink dont have holls or days out unlike the MP today full roast dinner glass of nice red wine after telling the lowest paid no rise in april but every thing had gone up 
So look at the last government to find out who screwed it all up. Handing out benefits right, left and centre. Also sucking up to the unions who are too greedy for their own good. Take a reality chek, this problem is one this government inherited. You can't pay debts without going without.
yea i agree we all need to tighten our belts but what happens to the people that carnt afford the belt to tighten ... the rise in gas and electric has hit us hard tomorrow i will either eat or have heat i havnt got enough income to do both we get paid enough for the bare basics each day for 10 days but only get paid every 14 days .. when did you last go without food heat or light every two weeks for a few days ... we are not asking for much just enough to keep starvation and hypothermia away for a full 14 days .. or better still find me a job .. i would love to get a job please anyone out there please give me work im not able to do it but i am willing to try so i end up in a wheelchair from trying i wouldnt mind i do not like not eating i do not like being cold i dont like that when my sons need new shoes we have to struggle to find the money ... i would love to be able to go out for a walk but i dont have a winter coat they are to exspensive a luxary
+Tracey Owen I've just looked on your profile and your house and cooking abilities don't appear to be lacking. I've seen worse areas, and I gather you are having new windows as well. I've read some of your comments about your wheelchair, but then you say you've been gardening, and cleaning drains. Also who feeds and looks after the dog. Yes I think there may be work somewhere for you.
not much on mine i am secatary of our RBL branch and i help out at beavers when i am well but since 11/11/12 i have come down with bad chest infection but i try to do as much as i can my wheels are my legs and miss paws sits on foot plates i wont give up not yet and there are lots worse of than me i am a soldiers daughter but just fed up when people say i should not get a govement hand out a yes there are people who would like all disabled put back into care homes probley like the one my mum is in she has demitia dads dead so i have no famaly left just my partner/PA care but you only get one life live it 
uno Brian i wish you could see me after ive done these tasks that i have to do because no one else will oh yea i can pay for a workman to come in and do them yea right not on benifits ... OH and the windows are being put in by the council because our homes were so wrecked they were condemed by the Gov 10 years ago and the housing people were ordered to do these changes ... anyway  i go out i do them chores then i spend the next 24 hours crying with pain even after ive took morphine ... what employer will take me on when if i do more than a few hours work im crippled for 3 days ... ? would you employ a medical risk if i collapse while doing a task what sort of insurance would these companys need ? the place where i go to sign on dosnt like me usng the lift as i have trouble climbing the 6 flights of stairs but they dont like me using their lift as i am a fire hazard if i cant get down the stairs on my own .. and thats the job centre where i have to go to find work ... SO PLEASE +Brian Cope DONT READ MY PROFILE AND THINK YOU KNOW ME .. WHEN YOU SPEND A WEEK COPING WITH THE PAIN IM IN THEM MAYBE YOU CAN JUDGE ME ... Ever broke your leg brian its painful .. NO ITS NOT i was walking around on a smashed up knee joint broken in 7 places why because the pain is nothing compared to my back pain .. but i refuse to lie down and cry .. i dont need to moan to people on here how much pain im in but ask my family and friends that witness my sheer stubboness to not give in to it they all know how i suffer and yes theres worse out there than me so i dont think i have the right to moan about my pain every single status i post
if us who are in pain took our meds as we should we would not get out of bed i am on oramph liquid dihydrocodeine 30mg per pill suposed to have 8 a day but dont if your busy you can bypass the pain but payfor it at night 
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