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Divorce cases could be settled by Sharia and religious courts after landmark High Court ruling over Jewish couple's dispute

DEBATE: Should divorce cases be allowed to be settled by religious courts?
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I am an Israeli, Jewish Zionist living in Israel, and a proud Jew - and I still think that this is a terrible idea.

If any religious courts (from any religion) tend to favour either males or females in a given divorce situation, then one party in the divorce case would prefer a religious court over a civil court because it better serves their interests.

There can be only one law in a state, and that law should be civil law, not religious law. That's the whole point of equality and one of the main reasons why civil law exists in the first place (obviously).

Its a slippery slope.
S Mann
Here come the EDL should be interesting
+Adam Sharpe I couldn't agree more with you. 
Civil laws should be above of any kind of religious views.
Religious laws should be scrapped in favour of civil laws. When will that be made abundantly clear? 
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