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'I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis': Shocking moment George Galloway storms out of Oxford University discussion because of student's nationality
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"...and this little piggy ran Galloway home..."

What a coward and a racist Galloway is, and always was.
So much for peace with people like him around.
He was right to leave the room, who debates with murders. 
he took the courageous and the moral step.
Adam Sharpe, I invite you to find out more about that terorist country and people behind it!!
yup Israel is the biggest terrorist of the world!!!
More arabs (Muslims) are killed by other Muslims than Isreal has ever killed in its 3000 year old history, you really have to read more and stop with the brainwashing and ignorance!
+Mahmoud Abikar has the student killed anyone?  Regardless of the many wrongs of Israel as a nation, treating someone differently based on where they were born seems to be the very definition of racism.
He cannot afford to be beaten in a debate with an Israeli Jew he would be finished!
S Mann
Love it how if someone is not pro Israel, suddenly he is outcasted, a bigot and a racist.

However,I don't agree with Galloway not continuing the debate. Who better to debate about illegal settlements in Palestine other than an Israeli?
His positions on Israel are well documented. Unless I am mistaken, he outcast himself with little or no debate, hence either he is either afraid of debating or defending his anti-Israel convictions with others who hold different views for some strange reason, or he is a racist. There is no other logical explanation. I am pro-Israel, and I am still here debating my position. He failed to come-up with any arguments whatsoever, based on this article. He left the debate solely because there was an Israeli present, and openly said so. This action is what defines him as a racist or being unable to defend his position. Nobody asked him to leave.
He is used to debating with politicians who we all know are as sharp as a sausage, he was absolutely petrified of debating with this Israeli ( Jew ) who would have put him made him look foolish, such a lightweight when it comes down to it!
To save face he used the easy way out, a charge of racism and the nearest
S Mann
hahaha "absolutely petrified of debating with this israeli"

come on,  ill take it none of you  listen to George Galloways radio show? he ends up debating with an israeli on almost a daily basis. hes been on plenty of news shows where hes debating with jews and israelis.  this was hardly any different. just because he is at a university it makes all the difference?

like i said, GG should have stayed behind and debated with this chap, but i can understand his actions based on his passion for human life.

 If he feels he cannot be in the same room as hitler for example, and all the nazis oooo and aahh, does it make him a racist or bigot or coward? lol..i think not. now all the news channels are gonna jump on this and call him an anti semite..
very predicatble.

dont all jump at me and say im liking nazis/hitler to israel, its an analogy/example.
In that case why does he debate with them on his it because they are hand picked and questioned before hand to see if they are easy for him, the truth is he chickened out when he realised this guy was intelligent and well informed about Israels right to exist!
+S Malik , if what you are saying is true, then why did he exclaim that (quote) ''I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis'???

Which one of the 2 of you is lying? You or Galloway?

I refer you once again to the quote in the title of this article we are commenting on (scroll up), before you respond.

I'm not saying that either of you are liars, obviously. "It's just an analogy/example".
S Mann
+daniel murray hand picked before the show? come on man. lets get serious? how would that work? gg's subordinates speak to the people before hand and guage thier intellect and match it againts gg's?  come on dude.
+Adam Sharpe all i know is that he debates and takes calls from jews and israelis and people from all walks of life on his radio show. you can look that up urself if you want to and make up your own mind. I personally think that he is very knowledgable but really needs to brush up on his interpersonal skills. he gets frustrated too quickly. thats my opinion
I'd rather spend 5 seconds of my life Googling the current price of rice in China than look for a Galloway debate. If you are correct, then he's apparently both a liar and a bigot. Defend him as much as you like, that will not change his image in the cold light of day to anyone with any intelligence - the very thing that presumably scared him out of the aforementioned debate in the first place.
S Mann
+Adam Sharpe ok. each to thier own. so youre just going to stick with one clip from the daily mail than research yourself as an intelligent unbiased individual.

people like you scare me who take no time out of thier daily lives to make an educated decision by doing some research but would rather find out the price of rice in china and validate thier own personal feelings about something via tabloids.

suit yourself.
+S Malik : We all saw the video. We all heard exactly what he said.

You yourself asserted that he does debate with Israelis. He himself said on video that he does not debate with Israelis. The onus is upon you to either defend your assertion with proof to the contrary, or to accept that he is either a 'lying bigot', or merely 'a bigot'. Good luck!
Could you imagine a Tory MP walking out saying he doesn't debate with Muslims?

Fuck me the BBC would have a field day.
He is also just grandstanding he knows how well this will go down with his voters in Bradford and it would seem the racist bigots on here.
S Mann
+Ryan Barlow you can be a Muslim or Jew from any corner of the world. It's a religion not a nationality. You can only be Israeli if you are from a disputed piece of land called Israel. there is a difference.

The whole of Britain isn't crammed into Bradford either just fyi. His last victory proves he doesn't need grandstandings as you put it.

And btw...I don't live in Britain if your last comment was aimed at me. So it really doesn't matter to me how far he gets in his political career.

Can you tell me where in the Koran Jerusalem or Israel is mentioned..i believe not once because Israel and the Jews were there long before Islam was even a thought, there is no doubt Jews belong in Israel and anyone who denies it is ignorant and unfortunately brainwashed.
What has your drival got to do with anything I have put.

His whole campaign was one big grandstand a series of stunt after stunt but as you don't live in Britain perhaps you don't see this so perhaps you would be wiser to shut up.

Interestingly I noticed you reported someone for racism on another thread have you reported the bigots on here who have disgusting views on isreal or does racism only work one way?
S Mann
Here is a perfect everyone of how stupid, presumptive, hypocritical and arrogant you are. I'm British but don't live there anymore. I have lived most of my life in UK and also follow local and international politics. That is why I'm aware of gg. It's a different matter that it wouldn't affect Me directly how.his political career pans out.
But you seem to have summed me up through a couple of posts.

Shows how judgemental you are. You have little or no idea of what happened in the thread you have mentioned as all the comments were deleted.

I reported someone racist in a thread where he said he has a plan to make all of y'all pay for blah blah. He also threatened to cut me from tip to toe. That is what terrorism is so I reported it. If he ends up causing harm to innocent people it wouldn't fit well with my conscience.

You want me to report George Galloway to Google plus?

S Mann
And my drival as you put it, was in response to you stupid comment about how BBC would have a field day about a Muslim rant by a Tory. Do you not know what you write? That's what drival is.
He is a campaigner for the Palestine.
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