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MPs demand MORE expenses so they can afford to live in Westminster... because they don't want to get the night bus
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so thats why the disabled in adapted bunglows have to pay bedroom tax on the extra bedroom as all disabled bunglows have two bedrooms its to pay for M P homes in london well done i will be voting for anyone but red blue and yellow maybe UKIP 
You can do a quick google search and find loads of flats that are within walking distance of Westminster within the price they are allotted per month. Are they not suitable because the walls aren't lined with gold? 
give them Oyster cards poor old sods, and the over 60's have some free travel. Do as the riff raff do
What they should do is ONLY give the £20k a year so they can see what it is like to live like a normal person.
£20K would be extremely generous... They have a salary just like every other working member of this society. I don't get any allowance. Why should they?
These guys are the biggest fraudsters! I would say scrap the allowance and spend those millions on healthcare and education!
Moor a cruiser by the commons let them stay over night when needed.
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