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Atheists now make up the third-largest global group in a new study of the world's faiths - coming after Christians and Muslims but just before Hindus.
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Rob Fig
Atheists are lost, not surprising their numbers. Sign of the times!.
Not entirely true it's actually unafiliated...
Rob Fig
But a form of religiosity even if unaffiliated among yourselves. 
+Duane Donovan religion is a man made concept and it has nothing to do with god. if I'm not mistaken atheists say there is no god.
Rob Fig
Being spiritually lost is just a fact. Denying it does not make it any less so. As for stupidity i wont judge you, although it is not difficult being atheistic, it is just ridiculous to me. The right to live as they choose is intrinsic. God is obvious to me. Romans 1 explains it quite clearly. Agnostics at least claim ignorance with their epithet. Atheists deny GOD openly and ignorantly in my view. Hahaha. Happy Christmas and do not be offended. ;)
My argument is that the daily mail are suggesting unaffiliated is atheist, which is not true..
It was published much better in The Economist if I am honest. 
The article makes it quite clear that it is the combined figure for both unaffiliated and atheist.
Finally progress the sooner we leave religion behind the sooner we can replace it with something even more ridiculous 
Wow there's more intelligent people on the planet than I thought.
Rob Fig
God is not the same as religion, all i see is religious unbelievers talking. Atheism does not require intelligence, no. It easy to deny what you do not know.
People have a right to believe what they choose; they do not have a right to enforce their fanaticism and lack of common sense on the rest of society. Laws and the social foundation of the world must evolve to cleanse itself from all the stupidity religious laws have brought.
Great news about atheism shows that we are maturing and evolving as a race, the days of talking flaming bushes and saviors that come back from the dead are finally taking the rightful place in history as 1st century folk stories.

Despite religious dogma, fear of death, fear of loneliness or all the other questions that have given rise to the creation of gods, it is mindboggling to me that in this day and age people are still killing each other and judging each other because a book told them so. How can anyone read the bible and the koran in its entirety and not realize it didn't come from some divinity? Our actions have repercussions on this life that's what should matter... live happy and if you still believe in "god" all I got to say is... Comeeee onnnnnnnnn
Rob Fig
THE TRUTH IS THE ISSUE. If you are not interested in the truth, then there is NO issue.
+Rob Fig That’s your truth sir. Our truth is based on facts and science, I know for a fact the god from your bible does not exist. There are countless ways to prove it. I cannot however prove scientifically that there aren't more advanced entities; the universe is quite large. In that sense atheism must take care to not become as irrationally self-righteous as religions have become.

But when it comes to the bible stories they are just that... stories... no one is really watching you be naughty so don't worry the hell we've been promised as consequence of our humanity will not be your end.
Rob Fig
Atheism is already irrational and self-righteous!. Open your eyes.
+Rob Fig Historically speaking at least, I have yet to hear of any atheists burning women as witches, or stoning school girls to death, atheists don't judge other or discriminate against gays. My eyes are pretty open, and all it took for me to realize religion is bull was reading the entire bible. 
Personally i feel it takes more faith to be an atheist than to belive in god. Either way im screwed when i die. If im right i have eternal nothingness, if im wrong ill go to hell for being a non beliver. So when someone assumes as an atheist im lost its a major insult as i have considered the facts and made what i feel is thr logical choice. 
Rob Fig
Atheism to me is simple ignorance or denial of the OBVIOUS!. Read the book of Romans, it is clear that GOD is clearly seen throughout Creation and the Universe. From your own lives to the Marvels of Galaxies or DNA make up. The human DNA by the way has been proven to be 99.9% Exclusive to the HUMAN RACE. Accidents never create a thing, from your tv to your computer to your house, somebody created it. An ACCIDENTAL CREATION IS IRRATIONAL!.
+Rob Fig The key part in your statement is "to me". I understand you have your own perception of the world. But just because the book of "Romans" says so it doesn't make it a universal law. Do you even know how your bible was put together? Or why? You throw a compilation of manipulated bedtime stories as proof that there was a god behind our creation?
From "my" perception the universe is so damn beautiful and infinite there's no way one entity is infinite enough to create and control it all. And our DNA is not that different that monkeys so not sure where you get that “exclusive to humans” part. We are all atoms and it's a disservice to the complexity of universal laws to assume something just put those atoms there. The point where the churches of the world can continue to stretch their nonsense to catch up to scientific discoveries is about to come to an end.
Rob Fig
Exactly the contrary, the more science knows the more Biblical assertions are proved. You need to study the Structural analysis of HUMAN DNA!. 99.9% exclusive to HUMANS. No monkey business there. Your lack of knowledge shows. May i suggest that you review the findings regarding human DNA @ The Smithsonian's Institute?. They have a section on "Evolution" that will explain to you what i have said. Enjoy your Holidays and be open to GOD. He is everywhere.
Rob Fig, thanks for the wishes, didn't have a chance to reply cause I was busy celebrating with my family, which is what these holidays are about spending time with your loved ones. Not the fake birth of someone who wasn't even born on this day.

I will review your suggestion on human DNA, and never said it was exclusive, all living entities have different DNA structures that's kind of common sense. And which god is everywhere? ah forgot your god is better than everyone else's the true only god... bet muslims wouls say the same about theirs. So many true gods yet so little evidence other than a collection of all books.

Bottom line is whether you like it or not we are becoming smarter, and no the rapture won't be coming anytime soon. Our kids will have a choice on what religion to join hopefully and soon your "god" will be nothing than an unfortunate concept from the dark ages.
Rob Fig
These Holidays would not exist were it not for JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. You can thank Him even if your life is the result of some freak accident. Dark ages did not bring about the concept of GOD. And He is not a concept but a living reality that people like yourself are in denial of. Bottom line, you have no answers to Creation other than denying against all logical thinking that as in ALL CREATIONS THERE IS A CREATOR!. I hope your holidays were joyful, even separated as you are from GOD!.
Actually the christian holiday drew from existing pagan religions and their traditions. And modern day christmas and all it represents nowdays was popularized by "santa" and the cocacola company. Suggest you read about emeperor Constantine, and the Ecumenic Council, they decided what books made it in the bible and everything you think you know about "god".

Think Jesus most likely did live, and that he was a revolutionary that stood up against the old religions, was he alive today he would be agnostic.

I know that I have enjoyed many things have to offer, even the ones your very old book condemns as sins or acts of damnation. I welcome you live your life to the fullest without worrying about heavens or eternal hells. Universe moves in terms of cause and effect, and everything we do has direct consequences here, with the living and in our beatiful planet.
Rob Fig
So "CHRISTMAS" for you and your family is a pagan celebration?. Hahaha. Popularized by Santa, coca-cola and Constantine dictated Biblical content?. Hahaha, And surely the laws that control creation were imposed by a democratic congressional consensus also!. Hahahaha. You mut be a Republican or can"t. Hahahaha. Very funny, i would be laughing about your reply for weeks. Hahahaha.
No, never a republican!! they are the crazy evangelicals remember? CHRISTmas the name sure came from that, and your laughter is a typical response when ignorance is faced with fact. All "laws" in the universe predated humanity, the universe exists and will exist regardless of what our notions and laws are. We have so much to discover about our universe but to think some dude with white beard and a white robe made me us from mud, that our planet was made in 6 days, that he talked to men as a burning bush, separated seas, saved a man and all animals from a flood... sigh should i go on and on? do you see the pattern of nonsense? how can you not laugh at that? how about the story about a man that was conceived from a "spirit", walked on water, raised the dead, and himself after 3 days? that has got to be histerycal by now!

We can argue back and forth, only thing that matters is that religion is dying, that's what the article is showing, and someday when you and i are both long gone, people will not kill each other cause a book told them to, or judge others, religious leaders wont get filthy rich while being tax exempt etc etc...

The whore of babylon will meet its end... soon!
Rob Fig
The only LOGICAL REASON this WORLD goes on existing, is because GOD created it and continues to maintain it. Accidental creation and maintenance OF THE UNIVERSE IS A PREPOSTEROUS NOTION!. I REPEAT A SIMPLE LOGICAL FACT, ACCIDENTS NEVER CREATE ANYTHING!. Literal interpretation of the Bible is foolish.
Literal interpretation is used by priests and pastors every week is it not? God said this is a sin and that's a sin, oh forgot everyone has their own interpretation and they can pick what or when to use fragments of the bible to make their points.

I don't know how this universe was created, that's the point, you and every religious person assumes they know. It may be easier or more comforting. But we have telescopes and a whole array of scientific instruments that allow us to see into the past of the universe or into subatomic levels of matter.

Does that not blow your mind over? we are comprised of so many complex systems and interactions of matter, atoms, cells, neutrons etc etc... who looks at the beauty of the andromeda galaxy or the particles exposed by the supercollider in europe and thinks, yeap "god" did that too?

And accidents have created a lot of babies! hahaha
Rob Fig
Children are NOT ACCIDENTAL. Precisely the elaborate CREATION that you observe and study is all part of GOD'S CREATION!. The very awesomeness of it is inconceivable without GOD. He CREATED ALL INDEED. I am comforted by the fact that an avowed atheist like yourself confesses to also be an agnostic=ignorant.

Agnosticism is much more Respectable to me than simple and idiotic Atheism!. Claiming   IGNORANCE has some redemptive GRACE, that atheists lack. I am also encouraged by your continued educational process that maybe one day bring you to ACKNOWLEDGE GOD's EXISTENCE!.
+Rob Fig what is your responce to the fact the source you referenced about human DNA being exclusive to us actually states we share around 98% of it with our primate cousins? 
+Rob Fig I am encouraged by the fact that you aren't a republican ha! but odds are, that neither atheists or agnostics are too concerned with falling off the grace of god. Good luck in your life, and remember there are too many of us, to each his own and we can't let other's believes or lack of them be the deciding factor on what a person is worth
Rob Fig
Atheism is clearly arrogant and ignorant. The fact is AGNOSTIC MEANS IGNORANT or lacking in Knowledge. Atheism is not upsetting to me, it will be much more upsetting to those who claim to be so. I am as direct in my writing to other persons, however my patience with the combination of arrogance and ignorance is much less, please forgive me, but it is.

The importance of this subject is basic in it's implications in this modern world. Atheist secular-humanistic ideology is in my view a scourge to thinking western society, and will become the downfall to come. Critical thinking is necessary to survive the current times. Many will not survive because of their ignorance and arrogance-pride-. Best to you Lisa.
+Rob Fig you said earlier that 99.9% of our DNA is exclusive to humans. Referencing the smithsonian. However their own website states the opposite of this can you please comment on this. How can we accept any of your arguments when the one scientific peice of data you have supplied appears to be weong? 
Rob Fig
Ryan, as expressed in the site supplied. Humans share 99.9% of the  human DNA. I quoted the scientific assertion when i posted the site. Examine the precise information given, and you will find that what i said is correct. "All humans share 99.9% of the same DNA". If you need the exact information and quote again, i will be happy to provide it again. Thank you Ryan and happy Holidays. By the way, that makes our DNA exclusive to the HUMAN RACE!.
+Rob Fig You said "99.9% exclusive to humans". Actually humans as a race are 99.9% similar to each other in terms of DNA.

We share 98.8% of our DNA with Chimpanzees.

Therefore only 1.2% of our DNA is exclusive to Humans.

Therefore do you agree we are at least 98% similar to our primate cousins on genetic terms.
Rob Fig
WE DO NOT SHARE 98% WITH YOUR ANCESTERS THE CHIMPANZEES. YOU ARE NOT CORRECT IN THAT. Double check your assertion please. You are wrong. Direct quote: "Geneticists have come up with a variety of ways of calculating the percentages, which give different impressions about how similar chimpanzees and humans are. The 1.2% chimp-human distinction, for example, involves a measurement of only substitutions in the base building blocks of those genes that chimpanzees and humans share. A comparison of the entire genome, however, indicates that segments of DNA have also been deleted, duplicated over and over, or inserted from one part of the genome into another. When these differences are counted, there is an additional 4 to 5% distinction between the human and chimpanzee genomes." . Read carefully to not be deceived! by incorrect assumptions. Happy 2013.
I had read that part but even when adding in the additional 4 5% distinction it means we are around 98% minus 4-5% for this distinction which still means around 93% of our DNA is the same. 

Many people who believe in Jesus as our Saviour still believe in Evolution. If you say you have Faith in God thats fair enough im not gonna judge you but if you try and argue that we have not evolved even in the face of all the Science which says other wise there's no reasoning with you.

In the same article you are quoting they say this "The strong similarities between humans and the African great apes led Charles Darwin in 1871 to predict that Africa was the likely place where the human lineage branched off from other animals" 

And the whole article is talking about our last common ancestors being primates. Therefore you can not use this article to argue the opposite point.

What are you academic qualifications ?

In addition using CAPITAL LETTERS does not help your argument.
Rob Fig
I am using the same information regarding HUMAN DNA that the site posted and my conclusions absolutely differ from the illogical Atheistic view, and you find fault with the scientific information?. Take it up with them, not me. "Evolution" of man is a Fantasy sold to biased ignorant people. You can include yourself among them if you wish. DNA evidence regarding the whole DNA spectrum is quite conclusive to me. Only humans partake of the 99.9 % similitude, NO ANIMALS. Period!. 
Guess your online article is the only absolute truth and I shoudl get my money back for that one Anthropology class in college. Let's also destroy the many many fossils that have linked us to a chain of animal ancestry. Burn all the books and studies as well. You are confusing the results of the article and trying to deny facts as if we were talking about climate change. There's absolutely no deying and no argument in the scientific community about us sharing DNA with animals. Not even sure if you know DNA is at this point, but the basic molecules of proteins and acids and all the atoms tha compose it are shared by all living things at some level.

It may be offensive for you to feel you come from chimps, but to me it's more offensive to think we came from mud or whatever bible nonsense you choose to believe. Matter cannot be created or destroyed and we are nothing but that, matter. What we have evolved into is a consequence to the many changes our planet has undergone. We weren't just flown here by jesus in a chariot of fire.

Also most of the comments on the thread have been respectful and based on logical arguments, it must be tough being the only religious person on it but not sure calling everyone ignorant or arrogant helps the conversation. I do not know you or anyone here and would never assume to know how intelligent they are based on their religious affiliation. Maybe it's time you do as your jesus guy suggests and accept everyone spread the love
Rob Fig
You made me smile, my intention is not to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some do. The whole "Evolution" of man theater mascara-ding as science is sold wholesale in schools and colleges in the world, but i do not buy it, no. The GOD of the Jews and Christians, and so they say the Muslims did not need to "Evolve" humanity. And the DNA information that i shared here comes from those that support your so called "Theory". I do no see simians or even some hominids as part of our ancestry, but be my guest and claim them as yours since you do buy the common claim. The statement that says that all humans share 99.9 % of the same DNA was not made by me but the Smithsonian. If you find fault with the quote, i suggest you take it up with them , not me. My conclusion based on those readings is quite simple and direct. We do not share the 99.9% DNA proportion with anyone except other humans. So wake up Sherlock and prove me wrong based on that specific issue. Period!. Have a happy end of 2012. Sincerely.
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