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Is this how the world views obese people? Overweight woman photographs strangers staring at her in the street in bizarre project
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"To get the photos she set up a visible camera on a tripod and set to work carrying out mundane tasks in front of the lens, such as eating, reading, or talking on the phone."

That's probably why people stare at her ^
In a lot of those pictures the people are clearly looking past her, such as the photo on the right above.
+Anthony Hua I was thinking the same thing. If you stop in the middle of a busy street to do those things, people will stare at you, because you're in the way.

Shame, she is not noticable otherwise, since she is not obese and she is not wearing anything inappropriate to attract attention had she just been going about her business!

Narcissism pushing towards the extreme?
+Anthony Hua, I also agree. What a silly idea to have a visible camera. Obviously people area going to look at you to see what us going on. 
This is stupid. Anyone who poses in front of a crowd like this will be looked at. 
Well if your overweight people will judge down on you, its simply a form of greed. Yet as many mentioned I doubt anyone is looking at her for her weight, but as everyone does they look at people to see what she is doing
I think the story is right. I stare at fat people quite often. Not because I am being rude or want to show disgust - it is because questions start going through my mind. Questions like "How does this person take care of hygiene in areas that look impossible to reach?" 
+Clark Graham i can answer that question and its in the same way you do. bad hegiene and being fat do not go hand in hand. 
Actually isu can amrit. Bad hygiene doesn't make you eat but if yo. are fat it can be hard to keep good hygiene. Especially if you sweating a lot
I,agree to 3 of u, but maybe, she dont like also become fat,,
+Anthony Hua O ok is that why i dont see socks on people that are fat coz they cant reech their feet? 
Well as long as she pays for two seats on planes, trains and so on...
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