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George Osborne today announced a heavier crackdown on tax avoidance by global companies with British operations amid widespread condemnation of firms such as Starbucks, Google and Amazon.
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It has come to a sad state that some in the UK are turning to Food Banks, that is not how it should be. So much has been tweeked on benefits already, so who are those turning to Food Banks? Make further cuts and how many more will seek help.
Noone in the UK should be short of food, if they are, it is probably because of their Sky TV or other 'luxury'.
There will always be those under the poverty line and nothing any government can do will change that 
But there is no reason for people to not be able to afford food, they just need to cut back.
Maybe but not everyone has skytv lol, I agree with the fact that no one should not be able to afford food especially with the value ranges stores do
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