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'Employers think I'm lazy because I'm fat': 22 stone obese woman claiming £227 a week in benefits says a discrimination law should be brought in so she can get a job -
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Who pays your shopping bill, learn to cut back like a lot of working people have had to do.
fat fucking mess i'd have her euthanised fo her infamy
She is fat because she's depressed (there is a strong link between mental health and obesity). She is depressed because she has low self esteem due to unemployment.
Give her a job and it will keep her mind occupied and raise her opinion of herself, then the weight will come off.

I did my extended essay on this and the link between the rising levels of unemployment /depression /obesity is shocking because they are all interlinked. 
Oh come on Katherine, my grandson has taken on every job going, none he wants as a career. Shop work, cleaning, travelled to do 4 months in Butlins, all so he has work. If he sat down and did nothing he would have them breathing down his neck about his right to benefits. Some resposibility needs to be learned, have we really become such a nanny state that we cannot work because we are obese? Sorry Katherine I think this is more an attitude problem, all about my rights etc, etc, go and do some charity work, be dam useful and exercise, rather than try to make an issue when the issue is yourself.
This is just comparison of national stats and they don't universally apply to everyone, they only link certain patterns (ironically anorexia is also linked the same mental health issues but they react by going the opposite way).

It's just a perspective to consider. I'm not a expert but nether is everyone who is just saying 'oh they are just fat/lazy etc.

I'm not making excuses I'm just saying this lady wants to work and should be given a chance to get out of the rut she is in. 
She says that +Joshua Davies but I think that is more defensive than truthful (plus she wouldn't want to admit her weight was a issue if she wanted to find employment). The amount of people that insist they are happy and then lose weight and admit they'd really been unhappy but didn't know how to changed so had just accepted?
Do you honestly think anyone would genuinely be happy being trapped under their own weight to the point where they found it difficult to do normal things? 
Katherine when people have choice and the legs and brain to make a change, stop seeing yourself as a do gooder, if her benefits dried up she would wake up, depression did not kick in to go public as if a flag waver for a world of fat people, she would find work to feed her habits
+John Townsend I'm not a dogooder. I just like to think about things a little more than just jumping on the stereotypes bandwagon.
Why are you all discussing this its only a vehicle for this extremist rag to press for more cuts on benefits whether people work or not
Love of food + Laziness = Fatty bum bums. 
It's all about the way you think fat you are, lazy then you must be lazy... So change your thinking and you will be is not about employer its about you!!!
I'm overweight and I have a job. It doesn't mean in lazy so eat my shit!
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