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Pope Benedict in shock resignation: Pontiff, 85, is first in 600 years to stand down because he 'no longer has the strength to carry on'
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I understand the Pope has taken the decision to stand down as he wants to spend more time with the kids.
More to it, maybe something to do with his time with the Hitler youth was used against him. 
Alzheimer's could be a possibility. Would be really bad PR if god couldn't even heal the pope. No more desperate people giving their last penny in hopes of a 'miracle'.
I'm sure the vatican can find some other sith lord looking motherfucker to fill in for him. In the mean time don't worry people, the catholic church has plenty of other dudes too keep up the good work of molesting children and covering it up, as well as trying to ban the use of condoms in AIDS-ridden africa.
Looser ( previous post ) . There's really no need to be so downright rude! What makes you so great to publish such uncouth language aimed at the Vatican.The present Pope wasn't Pope at that time! Also, how would you like to be one of those children? I was adopted, and I was baptized a Catholic. I was very lucky I didn't fall in that category , the abused children, as I also was born in the 50's. Australia could have been my destiny. I still have to face tracing my brother, I hope to God he didn't get sent to Oz. And before you say anything, check your history, Catholic Orphanages sent children to Usa & Australia.
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