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Binmen refuse to empty great grandmother's rubbish from wheelie bin she dragged 50ft on her own because it's only got one wheel -
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Well yeah. If its damaged, she should have left it there, and told the council. It would have been replaced. Binmen can't come onto private property.
Methinks the Daily Mail has turned into a local rag. This is not news at all????????
S Mann
daily mail is just in existence to make people angry about nothing
+S Malik the new year TV show one was embarrassing. There were more complaints about the article than there were about the TV show! 
Desperate this story. Get a new bin you tight old bag. Anyway more like 20 feet. And if it had 2 bloody wheels she wouldn't have to drag it.
S Mann
+Anthony Hua lol. The haribo one is much funnier. Slightly true though lol
If they are not told to and paid to do something, even if part of overall job, men won't do it. No matter how old and helpless the client, because it is not their problem.
S Mann
+Richard Brown they are just doing thier job man. Frankly i think they dont get paid enough. imagine working with shit every day in day out.
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