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With over 900 million views, the song Gangnam Style is the most-watched YouTube video of all time. But its singer, the South Korean rapper Psy, may be about to lose much of his popularity in the U.S.
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Well I think most of the world doesn't like americans either. They have a terrible reputation.
I don't think it's fair to protest against him for something he did ten years ago. The entire country was protesting in the defence of two dead little girls that the American military court did nothing about.

I'd be pretty pissed too if something like that happened here. Also, would you like to be held accountable for every bad thing you've ever said about something in the past?
Meh, sounds like the bull i hear from most of the world anyway.  Hes entitled to his anger just as much as we are.
+Michael Gee exactly! The people doing these petitions are hypocritical. Find me a single person on this planet that's never said a bad word about anything and I'll introduce you to a man who can sell you a bridge.
Who doesn't hate those Fat yanks anyway lol
So if he would of said Brits and not Yanks you would feel the same way? 
I'm just saying most people think its fine to say what ever about Americans because they are Americans. But if you take the American context out and say put it in Britain or Germany or Israel etc. would you sentiments still be the same? Or switch it to be Taylor Swift saying that about South Korean soldiers would you still think it was okay ? 
Its British not English and that's the reason why so many people can not stand Americans because your so bloody ignorant. 
I never said it was okay. What I did say is that ten years ago two little girls were murdered for no reason by Americans in Korea. I don't blame him for being so angry. Obviously he doesn't hate us all that much, considering he went to college here and has been on every major talk show and at every major music event we have. It's not fair to start signing petitions because of something he said out of pure anger. Everyone has done something or said something they weren't proud of and wish they could take back. If anything, Psy has brought the world a little closer together and that should count for something.

I would feel the same way no matter what country was in question. People make mistakes and it's obvious by his actions now that he doesn't feel that way. If he did, he would have never come over here.

I will agree with you that people do talk a lot of crap about us Americans, and I apologize for how horrible we might seem, but I promise you not all of us are into bibles and eating McDonalds.
thats why all should be carefull on what they put out on the web can come out in years to come as you may take it off but it will allways be there to find unlike paper and pen 
I also want to point out that my neighbors in Swindon informed me that it's English because they were born in England, British because they live in a country that is part of Great Britain.

So who's ignorant? 
i am english but i live in a united kindom and i hope it stays the way it full of people from around the world with the troubles in ireland at this time over a flag all countrys fight for there own people and the trouble can go back 100 years of hate i just wish the world had peace but pockets go to war over the words and Gods 
I'm glad someone famous has been talking out about the U.S. They are a bunch of greedy warmongers.
lol I really didn't come here to start a fight, but if we're greedy warmongers, what exactly does that make the very essence of your ancestry?

I'm sorry that none of you have ever taken three seconds to talk to an American and only go by what you see our government doing....and then will turn around and call us ignorant?

It's sad.
When did I say the UK are not blameless? I stand by what I've said. The U.S. spend billions on war, when the people of the U.S. suffer. The U.S. spend millions on guerrilla warfare so that they can overthrow governments that the U.S. don't like. The yanks have their corrupt fingers in pies all over the world. And then Sept 11th happened, which was awful, but I wasn't at all surprised. The yanks have been dishing it out for too long and it was about time they got some pay back. Now the yanks are the most hated, paranoid country on the planet and they only have themselves to blame. You can say what you want but that's what I believe. Fuck America!
And I don't disagree with you...hence why I live on your side of the pond.

But you don't have the full picture and you're directing your anger at the wrong people. The government in America is bad. We are not as free as the media will lead you to believe and none of the examples you gave were decisions made by the citizens.

9/11 for realize that wasn't a terrorist attack, yeah? It was 100% backed by our government to gain the citizen's approval to go to the Middle East. I absolutely do not and have never backed a war, so kindly go fuck yourself. You have no idea what it's actually like here. Travel a little and you'll see that the people are not to blame.

There are movements in the US as we speak working towards overthrowing the government. They aren't going to report on those sort of things because they don't want the rest of the world to know about them. Recently mainframe computers were hacked at the Pentagon (do you even know what that is, I wonder) and could have completely crippled the country. AND THE ATTACK WAS FROM THE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES.

You have no clue what you're barking at.
I've been the U.S. plenty of times so I do know what I'm talking about. I've also been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and most of Europe, so I think that qualifies as fairly well traveled.

There are plenty of yanks who are for the war, chanting U.S.A. all the bloody time. And I'd like to point out my comment about the U.S. government spending billions on war while the people suffer. So what don't I understand???
All the countries you listed that you visited and where you live more then likely spend millions if not billions on their military while people suffer and there are always plenty of people who are for war and chant the name of their country.
Making generalised statements about why you don't like America just makes you look like a hypocrite as the things that you hate about America are things that happen in GB where you live and for that matter in just about every country in the world.

Have I once stuck up for my country? Have I once said that these countries I've visited do not spend lots of money on warfare? No I haven't. I'm not very patriotic about my country and I can be honest and say that my country has done a lot of wrong around the world in the past. I doubt many yanks can be that honest about their own country.
Clearly not. I guess leaving my country because I fucking hate it isn't being honest enough. Some people are just gigantic idiots :)
Oh....and "I doubt many yanks can be honest about their country"

That's funny because if you actually knew anything about current events you'd know about all the states that are trying to leave the union because we hate the government.

But again, you're an idiot.
+Richard Brown Oh really? Cause it would appear you're leaving comments on a public thread for anyone to answer....or am I just such a stupid American that I've missed the definition of public?

+Kate Allan permanently not too long (under a year), but my family is English and Scottish so growing up I spent summer breaks and holidays in the UK. I've been a legal citizen as long as I can remember :)
+Shayne Marie oh you'll soon hate it here too lol... Same shit different country :p Best of luck to you though! ;)
+Kate Allan lol thanks. The problem is that every country is lead by a government that has the unpleasant task of trying to make everyone happy. To say one is better than the other is silly because no where is perfect. America sucks, but it's more to do with the government than anything else. The whole "best country on earth" is 100% bullshit and unfortunately too many people still believe that and/or think that everyone believes that.
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