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BBC picture editor Jihad Masharawi's 11-month old son killed in airstrike as three Israelis die in Gaza rocket attack after it follows up threat to 'open gates of hell' -
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The gates of hell were opened a long time ago. No matter what the perceived justification, there never is any. Both sides need to understand that this, this image here, is never acceptable, never justified and never going to end unless BOTH sides agree to try something new - to find a way forward without hanging on to all the horrors of the past. You can't turn back time any more than you can find a future solution while you're constantly looking over your shoulder at the past.
One side kills a terrorist. The other side kills children. 

What creche or school bus are these 'brave' Hamas 'freedom fighters' going to target next?
aaahh go check how many innocent civlians and children filthy Israelis have killed over 60 years! lol Hamas fighters targeting school buses! hahahahahahahaha wot a joke they dont even have rockets that are guided !! on the other hand Israel has the latest war equipment and weapons ! OH and FYI that is a PALESTINIAN!! that is a Palestnians child !!  its was an ISRAELI airstrike which killed this child ... like the thousands of other children that these filthy scum of humnanity Israelis have killed!
In wars innocent people get killed. There's a difference between accidentally killing innocent people, which is even harder to avoid when they're deliberately used as shields - not that killing anyone is justifiable - and the deliberate targeting of innocents for publicity purposes.

It's also hard to see someone, often children, with bombs strapped to them can possibly 'miss' their target.

But when you use words like 'filthy' and 'scum' it's quite clear you are not rational enough to have a meaningful debate with.
War is the mental state of madmen, and madmen create madmen.
Filthy in particular +Ahmed Afzal or in general? And therein lies the problem. BOTH sides can quote endless lists of atrocities and this approach dooms you all into further bloodshed because you obviously don't care about the horror, too concerned with proving who did what to who in what order....war does not prove who is RIGHT, only who is LEFT. Find another way or be forever trapped in this tragedy of your own making. While innocent children suffer in this way there is no side that can win.
how many children died today in the world from all the tit for tat wars going on 
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