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Findus admits frozen lasagne was made with 99% horsemeat and they don't know for how long it has been on shelves
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S Mann
Lol.oh dear. Compensation all round i say!
Horse is tasty, I don't know what the issue is
I ate kangaroo and lama, no big deal 
S Mann
+fred t minky +Tori Ledger as long as a person knows they are eating it I'm sure there is no problem.Read the description of the product in the image. No horse mentioned!

Around 20% of people in the world like to eat cats and dogs too, doesn't mean I'm happy for it to be in my food without being told about it! Lol

The issue is not knowing where the horse has come from. These could be from retired race horses previously given drugs to aid performance which is not fit for human consumption
I've got about five of these in the freezer. Will be tucking in with relish, I love horse.
Glad go to the trouble of making home made :)
I used to always eat these all the time.  I am more shocked that it actually has real meat in it! 
At this point it might just be easier to list which products are 100% beef! 
How can they call it a beef lasagne...
Just confirms the fact that people will let you eat any kind of horse muck for money.Whats it doing to your long term health people?
+brian blake Nothing in this world will change unless someones pockets are lined....
u, know guys my grandma, told me that horse meat 1 of the xpencive meat in town,,
Corruption is a way of life Adam or should I have said Since Adam..As they say The lust for money is the root of all evil.
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