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Degree earning power falls 22% in a decade - and top graduates are working in pub

Is it still worth going to university? Join our debate:
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This is really helping my enthusiasm for exam prep....
On balance, yes I think university is worth it.  Over the course of a working life, the university fees are a drop in the ocean and you only pay it back once you start earning over a certain amount. 

Of course, if you are set on doing something that doesn't require university, then good for you. And of course there will always be successful people who haven't been to university.  But if you're unsure or are open to different career opportunities, then university gives you more choices later in life.
If you know what your real goal is, and not just following the crowd, or parental push.  Maybe a job skill would be better, maybe another direction. university is an extension of your life plan, not a social holiday.
lol sound funny but thats plz guys lets go to university 
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