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I beat people at computer games... and I'm blind! Meet the teenager who has cracked the video game world relying solely on sound -
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Rob Fig
You are ONE EVIDENCE that GOD exists. Yes.
Rob Fig
Yes +Scott Delaney . God is alive, and performs miracles daily. He is a Great and Loving GOD.
So God blinded this kid so he could show how awesome he is with the miracle of the kid playing video games? Think God got that one wrong, I think the kid would rather the gift of sight. Maybe you should get God on that one +Rob Fig 
Why is the internet a place where complete cocks congregate... I've never worked that out.
Rob Fig
God does NOT Blind people. Some are genetically blind, some choose to remain BLIND!.+Ben foreman.
Rob Fig
Atheists and idiots galore, that much is true.
Easy there sparky, pretty sure when the big guy was creating the universe he came up with blindness. Can't have it both ways man. Speaking of being partially sighted, good call bringing up genetics, science has a few other crazy ideas you should definitely check out. 
Rob Fig
+Ben foreman . Read the book!. He made all perfect, we ruined it, not HIM. Read! sparky!
That's the story with the talking snake and the magic apple right? Then comes 10 thousand years on incest correct? Also is that the same book with the really big boat where 2 people herd countless species of animal onto it? Then some animal incest this time. I have another book for you, Stephen Hawkins a brief history of time. Give me your address I'll post it to you. 
Rob Fig
+Ben foreman is only the best read book on Earth, the most talked about, The one started approximately 2-3 thousand years ago. The one that talks about your ancestors the apes-. That one, yes. The one that some Jews like Stephen have some trouble with. The one you need to read with your heart, not your brain. The one that defies the so called intelligentsia of the World. The one some Physicists actually read sometimes. The one that troubled Einstein and Darwin, yes, that book Sparky!. Hahahaha
Holy moly champ, I think you may need a nap. Great thing about science is it could give a rats behind what your heart or your brain is reading, it just is. May someone with more time on their hands explain to you in more detail why make believe friends is not a productive use of your time, peace out. 
Rob Fig
+Ben foreman , talking with you is like a nap. Thinking is obviously not your strength. Maybe using your own brain more frequently would allow you to converse with some degree of dignity intact?, or not?. Rest my case. Hahahaha
If the bible encourages you to open your mind then maybe you could be encouraged to read another book? The bible is the worlds oldest story and proves no facts! Whereas science gives us proof and evolution exists! 
Rob Fig
That assertion is ridiculous +Craig Thompson . Read some Genetics, specially about the human DNA. Only humans share the purity at 99.9%. No animals come close. Explore your head and see how many cubic inches or centimeters you have. Maybe you are the missing link???.
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