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Funny or offensive? Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki accused of 'racist' impersonation of Serena Williams by stuffing bra and pants. Watch the video here:
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Perfect example of why class cannot be bought.
its not being racist, simply being funny..
Racist? Really? So Djokovic was being sexist when he impersonated Sharapova? Come on... Seems like everything is offensive these days.
No one can take a joke anymore. I don't think Serena is making any complaints about this. I'm sure the people suggesting this is racist are not even black like me.
Quite obvious Miss Wozniacki is jealous of Miss Williams, nothing else. That's very low class indeed. 
If it was the other way around, no one would say a word-let's carry on taking the piss out of everyone& stop putting labels on things. Its either funny or not END OF
+Brian Felix Masona Hi,to me it's not, but might for others, may be they think that if Ms Williams was a white person therefore Ms Wozniacki wouldn't act like that, she is making fun of Serena. And that's Disgusting.
Must be a slow news day, as this isn't racism, it's just an Impersonation of a fellow tennis player.
Rather racist who sees a racist component here ...
(Perhaps it's tasteless, but that's not the question.)
to much PC where has the fun gone we used to take the P out of our teachers nobody said a word about it back then you cant say this dont do that ONE LIFE LIVE IT and laughter is good for you 
+Marilyn Ryan Well, laugh about something that's fine ..But do not laugh about a human being.
Why is that racist? There are white people with figures like that.
First, I'd like to say that I personally don't find it to be an open act of racsim . However, many of you are missing the point. Its a sport that is primarily exclusive, her presence and dominance is reviled to begin with due to the fact she is African American. Its what her action denotes that is borderline racist. My opinion is that its in poor taste fuled by jealousy and bigotry.
Great piss take. Hasn't anyone told her you can't do practical jokes anymore.
In the day of breast and butt implants being curvy is not bad. unless they look down upon Fuller athlete's in tennis. I think it was done in jest without any malice.
+Dave Peterson you're looking at it with the "oh, she's black and they don't like her because she's black and good!" attitude. Don't take this the wrong way, but that would be a behaviour/opinion I would expect by someone who has an inferiority complex (sorry, it's my opinion based on yours. Don't mean to insult you). For me, its pretty clear this was a joke and it was only intended as that.

Let's hope no black basketball player will ever make fun of a white player in NBA (the same way she's doing here, of course), as he would be called racist - since basketball is, currently, mainly played by black players. And that would be wrong, right?
Some sad comments. Get a life. Live a little, have a joke it won't hurt you. Everyone is looking for ulterior motives nowadays. Boring
+Brian Cope Yes, have a joke it won't hurt you, but it hurt the one you make joke of. you can get fun with your own family and close friends who you suppose know them well and know that they won't get hurt of your joke, but in our case she is really crossed the line by making fun of someone that not even a friend!

She is jealous of Serena that's all, and it's not a case of racism.

Have anyone forgot that we just lost a nice respective mother of two lovely wife good neighbor  and excellent nurse  just few days ago? Because of someone wanted to have fun!

Have fun everyone
Also who ever say life is boring without having joke/fun I would say that go spend your money and buy ticket for comedy movie or comedy show instead of moaning...
Well, blame the butterfly for the hurricane. But things are much more complex. - Humour is some sort of self defense to cope with this depressing, cruel world.
There's always someone that could be hurt, even if you choose your darling another person longing for your attention will condemn you and/or be suicidal.
+nová cula Let me tell you this please, I do not blame the butterfly for the hurricane, anyway and as you are saying that what ever  and who ever that someone will get hurt...etc...So you don't have fun over other people feeling/shoulder and as I have said above go spend your money and have fun watching comedy show/movie. Thanks.
And - only to pick up your (of course insufficient) suggestion - who will declare some comedy show/movie painproof? You? Your mother? A free church? A high Taliban? Miss Poppins?
Btw: You can blame the butterfly, it's the cause under special circumstances, says chaos theory, but it makes no sense. Rather study the circumstances instead of identifying a scapegoat.
It was nothing.
+Chaza Afandi It's called a British sense of humour. We've been laughing at ourselves for centuries. Unfortunately other nations/races don't see the funny side. But that's not going to stop us enjoying ourselves
+Brian Cope Hi, may I say that I know British very well, I have been living in Edinburgh the last 20 years of my life. I was very young when I came to UK...Yes I have noticed that peoples do make joke on others, but not everyone does that! Also these kind of peoples are exists in every country every race every culture, they're not only in UK, They are everywhere. I personally call them selfish irrespective...And certainly Culture has nothing to do with it. Let me tell you this, in this week we have the Danish Tennis Player and the Australian DJ'S three of them have made silly joke and they're not British. 

I believe it's to do with the Conscience. I hope I haven't annoyed anyone. Thanks.  
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