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Smoking doesn't just age your lungs, it damages your BRAIN, too
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Rawn Rackers:
Tell Dave if we can find him out there in the mist all alone
I stupidly smoked for 20 years, im 42 and lung tests show I have the lung capacity of a 56 year old,which did shock me a bit.Its one thing I deeply regret starting. 
mua gn
Hurray for smokers!they are way too much in haste to leave the earth!
It does make sense that smoking is unhealthy. People in massive smoke inhalation scenarios do risk brain damage.
i agree with simon stone, let us the public put him forward to be pm,, or as a guru to teach nerds to pull birds,
I want to quit smoking but i find it very hard, i try quitting several times but once i drink then i want to smoke, don't know why.....
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