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Today's front page: Fox bites off baby's finger as he sleeps: Mother fights off animal in bedroom -

Husband's anguished account of how violinist spiralled to suicide -
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as per the previous comment i would like to know how it got in, did it climb in through a open window like rapists murders and robbers or did it force a window/door like a drug abuser, if it forced a window/door then we have a serious problem,its bad enough having cravendale cats with opposable thumbs never mind foxes,if not then the parents are responsible for looking after the welfare of their child and should not be so stupid to leave doors/windows open as an open invitation for all and sundry
The back door was open because it was broke and would not close. The tenant was waiting for the council to fix it.

Government cuts had meant it wasn't fixed.

The national department of door fixing has had its budget cut by a savage amount meaning foxes are free to come into our houses and make free with our silver cutlery.

A spokesman for the department of national door fixing said "Because of the Tory cuts we are all going to be killed by foxes" and even worse he said "we now have to pay for our own biscuits in our hourly union meeting".

A labour spokesman on holiday in Barbados has said that " This is just more evidence that Tory cuts are putting our most vulnerable at the greatest risk, people with the broadest shoulders should take more burden and we need to increase tax so that the doors of people to lazy to replace them themselves are up to European safety standards.
We must protest against these savage cuts before we are all doomed and are expected to eat a cheaper biscuit."
Right I agree about the cuts I live in council accommodation but if my door was open I would not leave it wide open to the weather or unsavoury elements common sense says block it up you don't know what vermin human or animal can get in its called protecting what's yours never mind trying to blame the council who are next to useless
i think it was sly fox
The department of door fixing should be scrapped, and replaced with one which specialises in hinge-screwing. There should be an independent committee set up, to investigate the viability of such a change.

Anyway, what do you mean +garry brown , when you say "next to" ?
Yes your right next to is wrong all is better and I agree the dept of door fixing should be scrapped solely to pay for some tory b@@@@D's lunch bill
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