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Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London suburb declaring it a 'Muslim area'  

Watch the video here:
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S Mann
As a muslim. I totally disagree with this. This is bullshit. You dont impose your beliefs on others. I would agree if they were pissing on the walls of the mosque or something cos I wouldnt do that in or outside a church.  but this is bull crap. idiots causing trouble and spreading hate towards themselves and thier religion. Total idiots.
I think this is a great idea to get piss heads of our streets. 
Why Muslims don`t go back to where they belong? Great Britain is a country which respects everyone, even Muslims.
+Suzyane Valente err that don't make sense they we're born here! So they did go back. Unless you are referring to going back to middle east in which case you want to send back everyone then including the romans, Anglo saxons, the Normandies, the Indians, the Jamaicans, I could go on but eventually there be no one left as UK was a migrated land mass. 
That`s a shame they born there... As I always said: Great Britain is giving wings to snakes... Let`s see what else they will do to the country that gave them the opportunity to evolve, to live and to learn.
It's a shame as these morons will no doubt drive other morons into racial bigotry and towards the far right where undoubtedly we will have the rivers of blood coming to an unwelcome reality foretold many years ago by a pillock of a politician who perhaps now can be seen as being right on this one thought alone.
S Mann
+Suzyane Valente You are a class 'A' bloody idiot. some morons (like any other white EDL following fool) are causing a nuisance in the streets of their OWN country and your brilliant idea is to send them back to the country where their religion was founded?

whats your plan for all the white skinned idiots in jail for much worse crimes than this. Where would you like to send them? Jerusalem? because that's where Christianity originated from?
Why have they not 'evolved' yet?..according to you, because their origin dating back to their ancestors is Great Britain, they should have had enough time to evolve, learn and find opportunities to lead a perfect life. 

The only reason one can call Britain their country is that thier parents decided to have them in Britain, meaning they were born there. You are white, just like a billion other whites in different countries. You could well have been born in a different country yourself. You gain the right to call a place your country from being born and raised on that piece of land or have roots with a country. Colour of your skin and faith has f*** all to do with your nationality , 'country' or right to abode.. . What do you care anyway living in Uberlandia?

If you are so deeply concerned about people returning to their country of origin based on their faith and skin colour and how they act, write to Cameron and tell him to stop invading countries and imposing 'democracy' on them. just because it works so brilliantly in his country doesnt mean he can go around imposing it on others. Isnt that the same sentiment you are having?

Keep your racist, prejudice comments to yourself unless they are constructive and helpful to the wider community and reader.
Daily mail dropped a headlines and you all skiding. ..righty righty 
I am blessed not having a religion imposed on my life since my birth.
Religious people are racist, bigoted and intolerant in general. This is not just Muslim people. This includes Catholics, Jews and many imposed Religions.
I have lived in several countries, including a Muslim country and intolerance to freedom of others was what bothered me.
And because I am white, woman and intelligent seems to be a problem in that country. I gave up to live in there just because of this kind of prejudice.
People are born free, all have free will since birth. I guess that respect fundamental freedom should be a common practice in every society.
Hopefully one day mankind respects the others without the need for laws or religion imposed.
I am not saying Great Britain is the best place to live but deserves a better behaviour from those whom decided to live there.
I would like to live in a world where religion and politics were feelings that arise from the inside out.
S Mann
+Suzyane Valente why did such an intelligent response follow a stupid remark. Did it take me to insult you to be civilized? It's a shame your response to me wasn't your entry could have been a nice discussion instead of chastising each other.

In my opinion, laws are required. Otherwise you would have mayhem. More so than now. I would be interested to know which Muslim country you have lived in and which intolerance to freedom did you face.

From your words it sounds like no atheist has ever done wrong..which is certainly not true.
If you think religion is the cause of trouble in the world, think again. I can tell you that if it was not for religion and fear of the after life and laws imposed by society, the world would be a lot worse than you know it.

All religion says in a nut shell is common sense along with a instilled fear of a super being. No religion is evil so I don't see why the presence of it can cause harm.

As an example, you and I both know that you should not hurt your fellow human, religion preaches to be kind to your neighbor. Please explain how they are different. Just because it was the word of God and you don't Believe God exists? That's hardly a reason to slate religion.

Funny thing I find about non believers is that they like to lead thier life as good people, and every quality in a person needed to do so is preached by all religions, they just don't like the idea of there being a super being so they dismiss the whole thing as nonsense.

Surely your parents taught you right from wrong.. so what if believer finds the same knowledge in greater depth from a book written thousands of years ago. Is it really that much different just because Moses, Muhammed, Jesus or Shiva said it?

I apologize for snapping at you earlier, but your comments came across as what your idea of a "generic religious person"..racist, bigoted and intolerant.
You mention that you left certain countries because of prejudice, but that is exactly how you entered the thread. Strange.

Peace be with you. 
Did I at any point stated that I am atheist?
I do believe in God but not in Religion.
And you know what? Period.
You are the kind of people that NEED to have the final word.
God bless your soul. I believe Religion will not give you any kind of mercy, God instead, will.
Best thing Marx ever said was that Religion is the opium of the masses. Or if you want to go for the geek literature, Chris Claremont wrote a graphic novel entitle God Loves, Man kills. 
S Mann
Did I at any point call "you" an atheist?

And i don't need the final word.I'm not Jerry Springer. We aren't in high school. It was clear to me that you are just a hypocrite or confused and its futile talking to you. Apparently I NEED to have the last word but you decide to reply to my post and do just that. I can see it now that you will come back to the same silly insinuation and point out that I just replied..but then you would be the last person to you see, in a's pointless to have the last word.

The reason I ended my post with peace be with you is because your reply before that sounded quite definitive with your wish to see a kind of world...I wrongly assumed that you have your two peene worth and left. Not to mention that you didn't answer any of my still haven't.

You believe in God but not religion?
Religion is quite simply the word of God. how does one exist without the other. how does God communicate with you to tell you what makes him happy and what he wants you do be for him or what is right and wrong in his eyes? Or did he just create the world and left us to it? Or is your issue that he simply could not have chosen a mere mortal to send his message across? Or perhaps your idea of God is totally different to me. Like the God is love kinda person.

What's the point in believing in one and not the other. they are obsolete in each other's absence. Please explain.

It's like a jehovas witness working at a blood bank or homeopathic surgeon.
+Suzyane Valente you dig yourself a hole and then you wonder why people hate you? If you believe in God then you should read his literature a.k.a. the bible and it clearly says'love thy neighbor' and be a good Samaritan. It sounds like you pick and choose which bits you want to and ignore the important parts of the bible. Hating people and telling them to go back to where they come from shows you have no respect for humanity and then for god. Shame on you and I hope you rotten in hell as you definitely not going anywhere else. 
S Mann
+Amrit Singh I agree with your post brother man but the last bit is a little bit harsh. 
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