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Tesco shopper finds HUMAN TOOTH embedded in sausage from supermarket's premium range
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Yes, of course he did. Like the man who was ID'd buying chocolate puddings and the women who found a rat in her sandwich. 

Or more likely he fancied his 5 minutes of fame for whatever tenuous reason he could come up with.

Is this really news? Is this really what you thought you would be writing about when you graduated from journalism school?
Dude, +Ben Lloyd  this is the second time I've seen you respond in my stream with something of this ilk. Lighten up. A human tooth in someone's frikin meat is worth reporting.
They need to seriously stop this horsing around and take INCISISIVE action to stop these goings on!
"stop this horsing around"

Erm... I think you are the one who needs to lighten up +Harley Martin. This is what, a one-in-a-million occurrence? Assuming it is even true (which is highly unlikely). It's a joke! Laugh and move on!
DNA the tooth, might be Richard the 111 he had one missing at the front.
It's journalism school. And I'd much rather be writing about this than redundancies and missing children.
Touché - spelling amended accordingly.
Ko Mg
Its that human's?
Looks like a slave tooth. Better luck next time. Have to start eating more sausage may find a gold filled from the boss.
I hate teeth in my sausage! 
No Chuckie Canuckie a slave would not have a filling they would just let the tooth rot out
They are some tough sausages
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