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Passengers left stranded on bus after driver refuses to board because of gay rights advert on the side -
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Stranded. In Central London. Really?
Well, easy to solve, fire him and get someone who wants to work!! I am so fed up of these people either striking because they don't get enough money (they more than me) or because of these things!! What the hell happened to our rights?? They complain and they get prioritized, we complain and we get ignored!! I don't get it!!
I must say... it is a rediculous advert. I have no problems at all with gay people... love them... However, I can´t imagine this helping their cause. They want to be accepted and be equals to other human beings? Well they are... this kind of adverts separate them from non gays, by creating a we & them kind of culture.
cesar...1st of all you moan about employess wanting to strike which is their right and then moan about..."what happened to our rights",
+Jason Crawford Well, if they have the right to complain, why doesnt anyone else? You must be in the category that is allowed to complain at heart's content, otherwise you'd know what I mean!
christians are allowed their beliefs as well
No one is saying that they're not Jason, but I believe that it doesnt say anywhere in the christian religion that discrimination is ok to do!!
Thanks God The Driver Was Christian! Just Imagine If The Driver Was Muslim! Then Comments Would Only Placed On Favor Of Slagging Islam.
yes the gays dont care but they feel the need to plaster it all over buses.....christians are homophobic, get over it,   get that plastered on the buses 
+Joshua Davies Other than what you might think, I know very well what a union is, we get it slapped on our faces the whole bloody time in the papers!! When you start taking public transports in London and are unable to reach your destination because everyone decided it was a good day to strike then come and comment again, until then, keep your illogical and unfounded comments to yourself!
i didnt say it was miles, but they are the ones who are sponsoring the bus advertisment, i dont particularly agree with the driver but if he feels strongly enough and within his rights then good luck to him
Sort of advert and news story that Leveson would never allow eh?

Pesky lefty quasi-masonic nexus of people who know best.
well that will be him deciding his beliefs are more important than his job, 
oh he is bigoted now....aye well im a bigot as well then, the rhetoric is very amusing
+Jason Crawford I have to put up with Christian ads on buses telling me I'm off to hell unless I get saved. Christians are very forceful at getting their messages across to the wider public. Why can't anyone else? 
roger...i said i didnt agree with the bus driver so why are you asking me,  i said the guy is entitled to his beliefs just like you are entitled to yours,   he doesnt like gays, get over it
Apologies, I misconstrued your comments. get over it.
+Miles R. Young You said: It's no different to an advert 100 years ago on a bus saying "Some people are women, get over it".

Exactly... maybe we should have learned from that mistake, women are still not treated equally... which means that this type of advert obviously doesn´t work.

I also agree that the busdriver should not make such a big deal out of it. And I also think that the people being stranded should not exagerate so much... Stranding in London is practically impossible.

And one last thing... just keep religion out of this... people all know what the difference is between good and bad... and gays have nothing to do with that... even though some extreme cases of religious believers think it does.
I'm over it. I just wish gay activists will shut the hell up and.... yes, get over it!
I prefer women to gay men. That's a personal preference. I'm not going to apologise for not being gay.
the same reason stonewall feel the need to tell us some people are bent
Hahaha...Still Going On. I Have To Say That No Serious Slag Has Appeared... Good Job,
+Miles R. Young absolutely they are treated much better than 100 year ago... people stopped these rediculous adverts... and... I think you are completely misinformed... women are absolutely not treated equally enough, avarage salaries of men and women in developed countries for the same jobs show this inequality.

On top of this... gay activists, and feminists are both groups which kind of piss me off... now in the EU there will be a mandatory 40% women rule... this IMHO is complete nonsense... Women should be capable, and get the same salary as their male counterparts... but to make this rule mandatory is bullsh*t. This counts as well for foreigners in every country, there should be no rule of a certain % of foreigners mandatory to work in a company. And of course... the same thing counts for gays. IMHO... no human being is better or worse than any other... and we should stop judging eachother for our appearance, race, religion or any other type of feature which makes another human being different than you. 

These type of adverts increase the etiquete theory... you should look that up in the psychology section. It doesn´t help. Everyone should be treated equally, and there should be no adverts poiting out the differences.

I agree with you when saying that the busdriver should not behave like that. However I think its wrong to say that he should only have his opinion at home or on church. Luckily everyone is different... accept that... 
+Miles R. Young I apologize if I was patronizing. This was absolutely not my intention. 

The reason I brought up women is actually because you did in an earlier post I read... which is understandable since they had similar situations. I added foreigners, since I also believe they share similarities when it comes to this.

You also said even if not yet equal. that´s why I said that you were misinformed. I am actually reading quite well what you said.

And I completely agree with you on your last part... I think it's wrong behaviour at work. It's as stupid as a vegetarian person not driving a bus because they don't approve of the McDonalds Big Mac advert on it. 

:) Once again... I apologize if I was patronizing... absolutely not my intention
What has happened is actually has nothing to do with religion. Religion tell us to not become Gay for example, religion won't tell us to act odd and make an obstacle.

However as the bus driver is a human being and as we all already know about how life  can be hard to many of us therefore we should thanks him, he is act in way that he felt comfy and relax otherwise he might force himself to carry on then we might end with a major Bus accident.

I hope my comment is does not annoyed anyone. Thanks
+Miles R. Young Well I think you are completely right. However, I also believe that all people are different. And even tho I share your opinion, the busdriver obviously doesn´t. 

And I have to say that it is quite obvious that most people woudn´t be happy when it says ¨Some people are Muslims, deal with it¨, however there is a difference IMHO between happiness and understanding. 

No I woudn´t be happy, and completely disagree. But some people are like this... Extremism in religion is something I am completely against, however a belief is something really strong, and often something a person grows up with, and this means a person doesn´t know better.

+Chaza Afandi you´re welcome ;)
I understand that, but with some empathy, you might realize that in the busdrivers world this advert, and the people who put it there did infringe in his life.
They're being very coy about naming the driver and telling us how it was dealt with. I wonder why
+Joshua Davies Well, you pretty much described what type of person you are! The judgement I'll leave to everyone else to do! Enjoy your day!!
There are people out there who don't care about others sexual preference. Get over it 
Just goes to prove this particular ad campaign isn't working very well!!!!
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