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Facebook takes on Google with new search engine that can scan a BILLION profiles to find everything from users' favourite restaurants to their embarrassing photos

Does Facebook Search pose further dangers to privacy? Join our debate:
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It must not do very good because I know some people got 7 profile apps and still putting more with the same profile photo but different names on there plus some of them have their 6&7 year old children on there also 
I can put any city on that app and the do not even check it like right now I got the country Canada and I been in Los Angeles Since I made the app that been four years now 
Im not sure how facebook works as I've never used it but the article says it will only use things that have already been shared with friends but if you share something with your friends surely you don't want it showing up to the public. 
Is it me or FB keeps changing its goal post every time? You think you sign it to something and then it changes again...
Sounds pretty ancient to me, that is what search engines have been doing for years. Not just with FB users but with the whole web, all pretty silly and pointless, nothing short of desperate to keep investors thinking its a going concern, more like going.
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