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Sir David Nicholson, the man with no shame: NHS chief who presided over worst ever hospital scandal insists he has nothing to be ashamed of -

DEBATE: Should the head of the NHS resign over Stafford hospital scandal?
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You can tell what he's like just by looking at him...arrogant 
What does he care? I bet he has private health care.
Nice one Richard but what I will say is private is not as good as they make out. Prior to joining the NHS ambulance service some years ago "No longer serving" I was working for a big private ambulance company in London. And let me tell you the amount of jobs we got doing emergency transfers to local accident and emergency centres because of private health care cock-ups while in theatre having operations. I admire the NHS from specialists right down to the cleaner's. They all do the best they can in most cases although but sadly there is always bad apples in the barrel like him. Anyway you know the saying "what goes around comes around" and he deserves all the crap he's got coming and as for private medicine if he's got it, they are welcome to him.

We've (me and my girlfriend) have had the exact opposite. We've been doing IVF at Barts and we are very disappointed with the service. My girlfriend had to go through some very emotional situations but most of the staff spoke to her like she was a criminal. They were totally unorganised, making mistake after mistake. The ultimate was when we were told to get there for 11am for egg collection, which we did, she didn't get seen to until 1am, so then in the surgery a very annoyed surgeon told her it was too late. The doctor tried blaming my girlfriend! We now have approval to go to Holly House and have heard great things about it. Thank God, because we really didn't want to go back to Barts.
Richard I'm so sorry to hear this you know I should have made myself clearer I never really had much to do with fertility clinics it was more acute emergencies urgent transfers and doctors emergencies. It was always the NHS that was left to clean up privates mess. But yes there are some bad apples in the NHS barrel and in my opinion if the jobs not for them move on you know as well as I do there are plenty of unemployed out there that will treat you with the respect you deserve. Anyway good luck with the IVF I'm sure something good will come for you both :-)

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