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A nine-month-old kitten spent two days crawling back home after she was set on fire while venturing outside for the very first time.
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These people need teaching a lesson!. There is no need for cruelty to defenseless animals in modern society, its utterly sickening!
poor thing it must have been painfull at least she has crossed over rainbow bridge now and is with my meow who passed over yesterday age 17 but these yobs could do this to a child 
Ugh. My mum's cat Gary has been coming home a lot scared recently. (He is a big damn cat). Think he is being fightened by the kids nearby and their Staffy. Half tempted to make sure mum keeps him indoors. Sickening. 
About 12 years ago there was a group of youths who were tracked down and almost lynched in, of all places, Santa Cruz, California -- the little (insert foul language here)s were having a grand ol' time shoving M80's (an extremely dangerous black powder firework that was often compared to a quarter stick of dynamite) up the posteriors of cats and lighting them. The feline victim was FORTUNATE if the blast killed them, as they left some beloved pets in horrible pain.

There are a lot of sociopaths out there... some of them at least are caught when they do terrible shite like this. Some make it to adulthood, where they are actively recruited for the financial and banking industries (I wish I were joking). Think on that for a bit.
Amy, i agree with you. This is just insane to let an animal suffer.
These news worries those who have angels in their hearts. It is definitely the work of devils. They have no souls and no future and no grievance. They are walking zombies. Beware of the darker side. Looks like they are looming over the green pasture. Pray to the Lord for a secured future.
What the hell them people are sick in the head
If I ever found a person(s) who hurt my pets I would act the same as if it was my son!! People like this need putting down themselves!! 
people that do such torcher to these pets and animals should be torchered in the same way as they done to these animals and pets......
Very Down to earth heart they have..... it is a living being...... should give some space for it too
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