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NOW do you believe us? Two men experience the simulated agony of childbirth... but give up after just two hours -
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lol y they want to experience. at least they understand how women suffer from
this unusual behaviour so, be aware from this guys :D
I like how you've decided that a man is less because he can't handle pain he wasn't biologically designed to ever endure.

Also, if you gave this same test to a woman, they would last the exact same amount of time. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less, but not the length of time it takes to birth a baby. The only time anyone would endure the length of time it takes to birth a baby, is when they are actually birthing a frikin baby.

And even then, how many women take pain medication or something?
I was thinking Elton John was doing this. Lol I was wrong.
That was voluntary pain. It's a bit different when you don't have the option to give up. Two words that both sexes share, and tend to agree is worse than childbirth. Kidney stones. A friend (who has a child) was recently blessed with one of the little urinary asteroids, and she agreed with that, saying she would rather have twins than another stone.
My little lad was born in about twenty minutes, so I think I'd piss it. ;-)
how do you measure pain? 
Article says the pain women are forced to undergo. Don't know if I'd use the word forced. Who's forcing them?
Using two people for the test isn't exactly scientific. Two men can't take it so no men can? 
Did they also include the pain revilers that most women use?
+Amy Kathleen does that mean that if a husband passes a kidney stone, a real woman will want to go through that pain too? He sure doesn't need to want to feel the same pain as his wife to be a great husband, awesome father or a real man.
i hope i`m still around when science figures out a way for men to birth children. women are gonna be sooooo pissed. every time in my life when i was in pain some women would come up and say "try having a baby" i could never tell if it was supposed to make me feel better (it didn`t) or if they were just bragging. hey ladies, if its so terrible why do you keep doing it?
+william reynolds You do realize that once the baby's in the woman, it's going to come out. You can't hold it in; so technically, once their pregnant, if they follow nature, they are forced to undergo it. There's no real way to tell if men could last as long, because women literally can't just stop, right in the middle. And also, giving actual birth, I would think, makes a person just a little bit more determined.
Unless they were forced to get pregnant, they are not forced to undergo childbirth. Ergo, they have CHOSEN to go through the pain of childbirth. Simple logic. 
So what exactly is contracting? Unless they are hermaphrodites neither man has a uterus to contract. Ergo, is the pain really the same? Not saying it is not ... Just wondering.
+william reynolds It's irreversible once you choose it, and not all women choose to get pregnant. Sometimes it's not even forced; they might just get pregnant by accident. They may see it as being forced to go through that pain, like how we are forced to go through puberty, as it's a natural part of life.
All the cissexism and heterosexism here is literally nauseating. I'm not even mentioning the misogyny.
Pain is relative to the person experiencing it. I have broke many bones in my body. Hurts less everytime. Not taking anything from women but if you could tap out I believe most would. My wife just looked at me and said if she could have stopped she would have 5 minutes into it. This study and equipment was a waste of money. It relates to nothing.
Try getting kicked in the balls!!
This post is like something you'd see on Facebook :'( disappointed at the cognitive pool here 
Blimey, nowadays you can simulate literally ANYTHING!
If these guys only knew what it's actually like...Or any male.  Perhaps' if they did,  they  wouldn't be so stupid in saying dumb stuff like,  "Oh it can't be as bad as you're making this out to be". That a comment my 1st husband said to me with the first child.  The nurse told him to leave the room.
And some people go through child birth for two days...
dum asses of coruse it hurts its childbirth
These young guy's look as though it's a joke.  I think they are faking the pained facial expressions.  Good actors.  Now show a real woman in the throws of actual child birth, with all the real pain etched on her face, and listen to the sounds of her guttural cries of pain as she pushes a baby out out of her lady parts. Their easy going in, but HARD coming out, especially if the labor lasts 24-28 hours like some of mine did.  Army Hospital, ""here, take these two APC  pills ". (All Purpose Capsules)
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