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Cancer-stricken dog feasts on epic last meal of bacon, turkey, sausages and rice before he is put to sleep
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I don't know. This makes me sad....but the cost of that meal, could have probably bought him another week to possibly find a home....but then again, the meal made him happy. 
EDIT: didn't realize he was terminal. Feel better now. sort of. 
Sad, when people and pets die due to cancer! 
I vote that we kick 3 / 4 of all politicians out of their jobs! Yes, make them redundant with no pay out! 
Then use the money that would have paid for those morons to research and find a cure for cancer in both humans and animals! 
That us a lovely gesture for owners to make for their dog. A good life ending happily without suffering or loss of dignity. Small injection and quietly falls asleep. 
Thats sad ecleast hes in a better place now
How sad least he had a delicious last meal . Every doggie's dream I guess
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