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The long and the short of it: Men from Stoke-on-Trent have the longest manhoods in Britain, while those from Bristol have the greatest girth -
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What a.complete and utter load of shit this is the most unscientific survey ever done your a bloody newspaper this is not news........ Meteorite hits russia and your on about flippin dick size.... And girth what a load of twoddle.... 
I also dont see you discussing breast size or how many fingers a woman can take??? Oh sorry is that a bit vulgar :-! 
Daily Fail - Sometimes you really are the pits!
Where's a feminist blacklist when you need one!
I hate people who's only concern in life is their pleasure.
I am a man of science, I have a Masters in Astrophysics. I can tell you that nothing riles me up more than when someone puts together poorly constructed research and tries to pass it off as a scientific experiment. This is not science. All it shows is the average condom size sold by a single online condom retailer.

It is not science. It is not news.
Has this topic hit a soft spot with you lot? Lmao!!
Just because we think with our brains rather than our bollocks 
soft spot? We aren't all "tools" you know!
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