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Schoolboy, 11, suffers burns to his legs after a BlackBerry EXPLODED and set fire to his bed

(Pics: Mathew Growcool/Newsteam)
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Batteries are sometimes defective, and sometimes improper earthing , poorly-designed chargers, or poorly-done third party repairs can cause this.  No need to panic.
Shouldn't have tried turning it into a pie lol
School boy hmm... Wonder if it was human error. I know young boys can be quite curious.
ebay batt maybe as the batts on them dont last long 
So much dependence on gadget in today's culture of permanent connectivity at all costs, coupled with cheaper productions that might use less safety precautions - if this does not come across as a check, what would?
people these day usually use all of the application for fun without noticing their disadvantages.
PS: sorry for the wrong grammar and spelling . i'll try my best when using English languages. please help me if I wronged
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