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Deport first, ask questions later: 'Fed up' Cameron reveals plans to remove terror suspects before they launch appeals

DEBATE: Should terror suspects have their right to appeal deportation removed?
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The fact that there is all this concern over the rights of terrorists while there are currently thousands of comparatively innocent people being detained indefinitely in this country at the tax payers expense is sickening to me. 
The key word here is not 'terrorist', it's 'suspect'. If you were accused of a crime, would you think it fair that you were immediately deported with no chance of appealing your innocence? Just because the crime you're accused of is an extreme one, that doesn't mean we should forget that you are, in fact, innocent until proven guilty.

Stop talking about 'the rights of terrorists' - a) they're suspected terrorists and b) terrorists have no rights over and above those that all humans have. If you take away these rights from suspected terrorists, you're taking them away from all humans.
Lol at "comparatively innocent". As an either/or state, how is that even possible?!
Falsely imprisoned asylum seekers, people whose extradition is pending action from an inactive/uncooperative embassy.
This includes (despite the LibDem's pledge) children. 
+Clark Graham - of course you wouldn't invite a suspected burglar into your home. But if someone in your family was accused of a crime, would you hurl them out onto the street immediately, or offer them a chance to defend themself?
+Elliott Street - falsely imprisoned asylum seekers and people whose extradition is pending action are subject to the same human rights laws as terrorists. We aren't concerned over the 'rights of terrorists', we care about human rights. These apply not just to suspected terrorists, but also to you, me, the falsely imprisoned people you mentioned, and anyone else who has been accused but not found guilty of a crime.
S Mann
+Clark Graham nice analogy.. but isnt the west well known for thier humanitarian law.. Gosh, i remember a burglar suing a home owner because his roof wasnt strong enough to hold the burglars weight (ofcourse he fell through whilst in progress of robbing him). and he won the case too. Now this guy admitted to carrying out a burglary..still got away scott free with remuniration.
what about that guy from Norway, went on a shooting spree. why did he even have a trial when he confessed on the first day that he did it in complete sanity and deliberation.

All this malarky to me is just a form of suppression and ethnic cleansing.

if you want to deport someone, deport Anjem Chaudhry.. the asshole doesnt represent any religion..oh wait..u cant cos u put him there. oops. about that asshole altaf hussain and all the other 'asylum seekers' who ruined countries, killed innocents and then come crawling asking for asylum..deport them.. put them there too.
The definition of terrorism is so dilute and pigeon holed now that none of this makes sense. to me the BNP are terrorists.. hooligans are terrorists. any person who makes me feel scared or fills me with 'terror' is a terrorist.. why is this word only used in specific sense? I cant walk down the street without being scared of being jumped by some BNP supporters.. thats terrorism.. expel them too then.
Are people not scared of sending thier children to school in sandy hook? or a gay person in the same town as west boro church. how about going to the cinema and being afraid to get shot. Sure they are american examples, but the principle is the same.

This is just simple BS. as +Nikki Whiteman said, suspects are not criminals. Have the court hearings at the airport so if u are found guilty you are expelled immediately. but to use this as an excuse for 'ethnic cleansing' is just clear as mud.
Do not need new laws, just put them on one of our remote islands with a tent and army rations, , they begging to leave the country in a month at the most.  
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