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Black teenager punches woman after she calls him a ‘smelly Nigerian’ in latest shocking racist footage filmed on the Tube
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+Andrew Hop 'Racist Woman On London Train Gets What She Deserves!'.

Sounds like black racists got there first.
Hmmmm. I find it comfy on this here fence.
+Robert Kelly I'll sit this out too. Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other. I just object when this sort of thing is depicted on YouTube as a demo of what white folks is
It says teenage...when he become a man he will discover a real man don't punch women 
if my wife or my children were being physically abused by another, I would take any action against that person to protect my family, man or women! 
General question here after seeing a few comments above:

Why do some people think it's more unacceptable for a man to hit a woman than the other way round? Why not the same level? 
+Andrew Hop I'm confused with your messages.

You say there's no excuse to hit any woman. Then you say, if anyone (which I'm guessing includes females) were to lay a finger on your daughter, you'd kill then. Then you say you don't agree with violence. 
A lot....countless reason for me...dont know about you
Got a lovely smile too
I bet Simon keeps a picture of his right hand in his wallet! Just an observation. 
no need to hit the woman...she broke the law by making racist remarks...all he needs to do is report it and have it dealt with appropriately..he was wrong for reacting with violence, she was wrong to make racist remarks...
When will we ever learn to live happily together...
Nice thread to troll: a typical Daily Mail (mis)report of a racist incident.
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