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Prince Harry is a 'jackal' who wants to 'kill innocent Afghans while drunk', says jihadist warlord

Is it a security risk to post Prince Harry to Afghanistan? Join our debate:
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who gave the britis the right to invade afghanistan?? al qaida was created by CIA and is now being supported by USA & Euro to destabilize syria. 
+Ryan Ormrod the brits have been colonizing & terrorizing africa and asia for 400 years. and you have the nerve to talk about terrorism. 
Is it a risk?Of course not,send harry to Afghanistan. His life is worth as any other human beings.He's been trained for that kind of mission,right?
The term 'warlords' is just as applicable to British government, as it's to the Jihadists. just saying. 
let's start with the britsh who call themselves Australians and north Americans... ;) 
What do you guys mean 'leave'? You assume it's just the ethnic group who hates the government? Wow! If you were to give me a £1 for every English person who hates the government I'd be a millionaire!
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