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British shoppers overspend by up to £30 at the tills as they get taken in by supermarket tricks
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i dont as 30 pounds is my bill for a fortnight so its cheep stuff i get 
never, we know their games and are prepared to shop around to save a fortune, and do.
I don't think that British shopper overspend by £30 at the till. I spend as little as possible on everything and I will leave items behind if the price is better one-where in another shop. I believe that most people don't over spend as money is so short they can't afford to over spend.
With the level of unemployment and people scared of loosing their job, along with the rising cost of electric, gas and Petrol. I rest me case. 
Daily Mail is using a bit of Conservative spin to blame public for rising costs
Must have been a Daily Mail idiot with no idea of shopping that wrote this blurb.
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