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A costly mistake: Hairdresser loses £26,000 by paying her wages into the wrong account each month - and not realising for TWO YEARS. Now bank won't give back her money
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That is a mistake and the wrong a/c holder has stolen it.
If you're stupid, or rich enough not to notice £1000 a month missing, then you don't deserve it.
so if her wages were going in wrong acc how did she pay for things? scrounged off her BF?
+Amrit Singh says in he article her and her husband were going over drawn and struggling to make ends meet as between them they make under 50k a year. 
I can't believe the person getting the money never told the bank. Some people are so disgusting. 
i would of done the same. anyonr dumb enough to atick money in my acc. tuff
don't you think its strange that if the bank pay you money by mistake they'll go through hell and high water to get it back but if it's your mistake they can't do anything?
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