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Australian DJs Mel Greig & Christian Michael taken off air after 'sick prank’ involving nurse in suspected suicide
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How is it their fault that the nurse is stupid?
Just because she was duped into believing she was speaking to someone she wasn't doesn't make her 'stupid'.

It does go to show though that the actions of others can have major repercussions upon others, regardless of how trivial or humorous they may appear to be.

Not that I'm implying that the hoax call prompted her to take her life as there's usually a long and complicated history surrounding these situations.
and if she had been on night shift with all the press out side trying it on STRESS is a killer a small thing can triger a big mountain in your mind i just hope her famaly is left in peace 
Does that mean then that no one should ever play practical jokes again. I think something else must have been going off inside her head. I can't believe how easy it was to dupe someone. Anyway the reporters were put through to two people, the receptionist and the nurse. Which one has topped herself?
Just read that the two reporters have had to delete their twitter accounts because of abusive tweets. How pathetic. Get a life you tweeters. Good old Aussie fun, or fun in any ones language. Good on you Diggers
what a load of shite!!! two bods half a world away responsible for an other person's fragile mental state??? Yeh, right, and I'm Kim Jong Un and I authorise this bullshit!
would it have occurred at all if Australia was a republic?
yes as any one can do a trick call was a lot of it in the sixtys i dont think this is the first to a head of state and it wont be the last and the nurse may be had other proplems and this tiped her over the edge its just a very sad outcome but wont change the way people think or do in a split second of life 
Some pranks are a good laugh but can't anyone see that it's wrong to prank a hospital or any emergency service for that matter?
Some sad excuse for a human being on here referred to the poor hard working nurse as an idiot. The poor woman must have been terrified after these two children had exposed her to the global media.
I do not believe that she committed suicide, I do believe that someone has killed her, She knows no one will sacked her, Nurse at UK Hospitals are like queen, because they work very hard for less, so no one dare say to them any bad word, and they don't do any medical negligence, plus they controlling everyone including the Doctors, because Hospitals need them so badly, and every nurse knows that. And I know that for fact, So please don't tell me she committed suicide, better go and find who has killed her.

Also Pranks is disgusting act in general unless you know the person well, and you know he will be fine after all.
Is it fair for someone has fun while another one get hurt? 
The name Saldanha sounds like it could be someone of Indian ancestry; if so the general lifelong bullying she experienced socially including at work might have been the general background of the terror about the final straw that pushed her over.
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