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Should baby formula milk have cigarette-style health warnings telling mothers breast is best?
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+Lisa Barducci Oh no. I believe that every Mother has the right to make their own choice (forced or otherwise) but advertising the warnings can do no harm, in my opinion.
They should make them with pictures, like they do on cigarette packets with black lungs, rotting teeth and amputated limbs. Or whatever babies get when they drink formula. Everybody knows how dangerous formula is, I don't understand why it's still legal. Probably due to the formula lobbies.
No not at all. Every mother has the right to choose without the pressure. Not all women are in the position to breast feed so making them feel guilty for not breast feeding when they physically can't is WRONG!.
What if the mother has unhealthy milk, had breast reduction or other health issues?. Who do you people think you are to judge people who CHOOSE not to breast feed?.
Does formula milk cause cancer?. Does formula cause poor parenting?. Does formula milk cause stress? Er NO!. I know plenty of women who suffer from stress from breast feeding because the baby don't get enough milk or doesn't get full up. So the baby is always crying. This can lead to stress and not only health issues but could lead to safty issues for the baby coming to harm.
You ignorant people don't see the bigger picture. Many peope are different, deal with things differently, so it's up to that family to make the choice WITHOUT feeling guilty. Every woman don't have the perfect situation so don't judge for which you people haven't experienced or understand.
Breast milk is only better for the first few feeds. After that it's no better then formula milk. That's a scientific fact!.
My wife had to give my son formula because he was hungry and wasnt getting enough from the breast which was distressing him. Had I thought for one minute that formula was hazardous I would not of allowed it to be anywhere near him. The branding is unnecessary. 
We gave our kids formula milk and the kids are fine. No harm done. Now my friend, his wife wanted to breast feed, So she did for as long as she could take it. My mate told me they both weren't getting any sleep, baby was non stop screaming and getting stressed. So i told my mate. Your baby isn't getting full. So i suggested formula milk to see if that suited them. Bingo, baby was satisfied, mummy got as much sleep as possible (nipples got a break). The both ended up being able to feed in shifts instead of it all being on his wife. So it was more convenient for them. People shouldn't judge based on statistics. Most people that do judge haven't got a clue or haven't done ANY real research.
Why would formula milk hazardous?.
Branding is unnecessary for most things, fruit, veg, water. Everything is about money no matter which way you look at it. People need to stop being so blind and naive.
What i find funny is, no one questions about water or what toothpaste we give our kids?.
Drinking water has Fluoride in it but no one questions that lol. In fact so has all our toothpaste. You can go read on your kids toothpaste how you must consult to your dentist or doctor if you swallow any toothpaste with any other source of fluoride (maybe like water?). Their is an actual warning yet we all turn a blind eye. So no one questions the real harmful stuff.
I also read about a woman who was on antidepressants so couldn't breast feed. So the hospital pushed and pushed and made this woman feel so guilty for not breast feeding, that she ended up agreeing. So in order to breast feed, she had to come off the antidepressants. So she did and tried feeding her baby. Guess what happened?. She killed her baby as she had a mental break down.
So not only did the mother get mentally bullied but the child suffered also.
So people should THINK before posting utter Bull crap.
You people go on like women who bottle feed are giving their child arsenic lol it's pathetic. How about the babies whos breast feed from parents who smoke?. What about parents who smoke whilst carrying their baby?. Yet people go on about formula milk HAHAH get a grip and do your research instead of jumping on the bandwagon.
It's about time society grows up and takes responsibility for themselves and stop relying on doctors telling you what is best.
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