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Will changing US gun laws prevent more massacres like Connecticut?
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Americans still won't change. they talk same crap after each bloodbath !!
It's inhumane to say "Obama's tears won't stop the slaughter"; he is grieving, as we all should. Well, truth be told though; it won't. We should be talking of an embargo anytime.
Actions speak louder than words, if America wants its personal guns then thats their action.
Banning guns would mean fewer massacres but I don't think it will stop them completely. I think the biggest problem America faces in stopping these horrific incedents happening again is that guns are far easier to obtain than mental health care. The people who commit these crimes cannot be sane people. How can it be possible for human in a sound mental state to do something like this? Adequate mental health care provisions could also help prevent future masacres.
I am of the opinion that it will certainly reduce such incidents and also may bring down severe crime.
Do you think violent video games could also be a contributing factor? It could reduce sensitivity and distort reality due to repeated exposure to violence and occasionally some people crack with disastrous consequence for the society.
Americans will never give up the guns.. it's like asking them to give up food. they see it as right to carry weapons. Logic and common sense does not come into this. you would think 20 little children been murdered is a wake up call. they will mourn fo awhile then carry on until the next bloodbath. my point is..they will still do nothing. 
+Seshadri Dhanakoti I think the important thing is to realise that there are many factors that lead to this sort of atrocity and there isn't one single fix that will make everything better on its own. America needs to tackle each aspect separately in order to put an end to gun crime.
I wouldn't put the blame solely on video games for desensitising people when they're no worse than movies and TV.

+Ken Salami I think you're absolutely right. Americans are really upset over this tragedy but most will still want to keep their guns anyway. 
Amendment of licence to have guns in certain countries are something like putting fertiliser where by to encourage criminals
possession of firearms without even using it will get you 5 years minimum accommodation at Her Majesty's pleasure. 
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