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Ikea admits selling meatballs containing horsemeat – and product WAS available in Britain
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Are people angry that they were not told that what they thot was beef contained horse meat or they are angry because there is something actually wrong with horse meet...Did anyone actually get sick?
People are angry as they have been decieved , the labelling states pork and beef no mention of horse .
Horse is a cheaper meat source and therefore the pricing of products should reflect this
Also the slaughtering technique of horses is questionable .
Trudy your comments are spot on
Don't like Ikea meatballs anyway. You have to put them together yourself, and the instructions are hard to understand
Try not to eat my ride. Whats up with deceiving people? No choice! No freewill! Government should not be letting them hide truth! They don't want GMO on the label! These guys are no better then the guy putting cardboard from under his feet to make extra noodles. Sounds like big pay offs cause daddy would have never let this junk in the house to feed the kids before WWII.
The bigger problem is the fact the horse meat is not traceable, they therefore can't say if it's safe and doesn't contain bute.
I don't mind eating it, its the price. Horse is cheaper than beef
If it is horse then call it horse. There is nothing wrong with it. Let the people decide if they want to eat it. Most people are mature enough to make the decision themselves.
Why would anyone want to eat horse meat? Horses are not for eating...
the vaccines used in horses are the problem. not the meat or Slaughtering techniques. Bute is lethal in humans. and it builds up in horses . as their prone to injury a lot more than Beast ..cows ect ..their we have a problem . How many folk are suffering from anaemia and not realising why?.
I know My grandchildren are and now I know why their diet. My daughter is only on  a low wage and can only afford the cheapest stuff. Its affected so many others as well. 
+Dee Rose have seen a few videos and it is appalling that the animals have to suffer in this way .
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