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Jobsworth traffic warden hands out ticket because window cleaner's van was overhanging yellow lines by ONE INCH
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somebody loves their job too much to understand the intent of the law
S Mann
As far as I know.this ticket should be thrown out. The tyre of the vehicle is what should not be over the line, not the body of the vehicle.
I have allways been told it's the wheels that need to be over the lines to be penalized.

Times are hard, people are not parking illegally anymore as they know the law will cost them and at a time of reduced income for wardens and councils want to make the most of penalty parking. A survey showed that out of 10,000 tickets given out about 4000 should have been contested. Only a 600 we're. Crazy how people will pay up money in around 35_60 quid without even questioning. 
So how did John from Lost get involved?
Pathetic money grabbing council worker get a life
like it wasent over the seccond line :/
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