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A woman who was arrested driving at 100mph in a 30mph zone told claimed God had told her to drive so fast.
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and by the same reasoning, he's going to throw you in Prison as well .. Amazing :) 
Clearly she is wrong.  Not because God doesn't exist, but because everyone knows that God only talks to elderly white men and then they tell women what to do.  Duh!
there again, God is not going to go to court to say he didn't say it hahahahahahaa
No +Simon Stone, I'm not God, although I use to be quite good at Populous on the Amiga many years ago. 
yeah hard to prove or disprove the existence of God in court, the whole legal system would have to be held in contempt right
that's defo a drunk and husband beater, and the only spirit guiding her was vodka, every thing i dislike about woman is in that picture, im in work cloths in my pic but i bet its still cleaner and smells better than hers,, horrible
what the hell as a GOD got to do with your right foot this GOD has a lot of things done in his honor these days 
At least there were no fatalities...  The lady is clearly in need of help (and no i'm not talking about legal assistance).
First, claim breach of Human rights, if that doesn't work, claim that God suggested it.
Oh... God. whatever be the mistake ...don't blame God. 
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