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Woman, 37, sues health minister after she was told she is 'too old' for IVF

Is IVF fertility treatment a human right for women? Join our debate:
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I don't believe that anyone has right to have children at the public expense the money could better targeted. 
It is unreasonable for the state to pick up the tab because of the bad choices that "people" have made.  The NHS budgets primary goal is to preserve life,  not to create it.
But it's ok for the NHS to pay to keep people alive who have abused their bodies with drink, drugs, bad diet and no exercise???
Well,  not really,  but then again,  no one died from not having a child (at least I hope they didn't).  Besides, a fair proportion of the items mentioned are due to addictions and aren't necessarily faults entirely of their making.
No its not but two wrongs don't make a right. If she can't afford ivf privately
how is she paying her legal fees?
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