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Blade Runner's 'murder' of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp turned into controversial CARTOON as police reveal Oscar Pistorius may have been taking steroids -
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Doesnt steroids have some kinda of mental impact ??? 
One shot is accidental, four shots I think not...
he was upset with his valentines day present, wat da fuck would he want a foot spa foor,
Even if she was cheating, does that give someone the right to kill
I am willing to be fair and objective; I believe we should bring the guilty sob to court, give him a fair trial and hang him.
Problems after only a couple of months?????
It can't have been him as the guy in the picture has real legs - and the Mail never makes things up, do they?

The Mail suggested that her head might be battered by the bloody cricket bat. I think I'll wait for the coroner's report.
Does not matter if she cheated on him or watever! !!!! No person should have there life taken from them! So sad :(
blade runner no "Gun Runner"
All right, all right...  I'll throw in my bad joke: "He's certainly not the sharpest blade in the drawer."  -- bah.
Positively it's a premeditate crime not doubt, that the reason he had the pistol close to him. that was Valentine's day, he should have flowers on the bed side table instead the hand-gun
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