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'The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun': NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre's astonishing response to Sandy Hook massacre - as protestors storm their first press conference since tragedy

Has the Sandy Hook massacre finally made America fall out of love with guns?

Or do you agree with the NRA statement that schools be given armed guards?
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Or... If civilians didn't have guns in the first place, it'd be nearly impossible for these sorts of massacres to happen.

No guns no massacre. As simple as. Why do people change the issue to mental health, "good guy with the gun" shit
More police and more military everywhere means more guns. The NRA does a good job for the weapon industry.
Yep.  That's the answer.  More guns.  Makes you want to throw up.
Selling guns is the only growth industry just that they don't care who them sell them to
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