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Front Page: Bombshell email: Nick Clegg was told about Lib Dem sex scandal four years ago -

Also today: How Ronnie destroyed our marriage: After 35 years, Jo Wood tells her definitive - and explosive - story
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You mean a senior politician lied? Incredible!
Dont the UK People expect their Parliament People to get on with the job of dealing with Financial Crisis instead of[alleged] Sleaze and Corruption every time they read a paper or watch tv news.Two and half million jobs or more need doing and the public get lumbered with this.
+brian blake all smoke and mirrors, this stuff makes the headlines and they get to passing laws and making decisions whilst the public is distracted.
+Paul George just like the Jubilee and the Olympics.

"Watch the pretty colours and running and jumping people! Ignore us running the country into the ground! "
The PEOPLES Interest should come first .We dont need another Sex-Bomb....
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